Monday, August 2

The trillions of viruses that live in your body and help keep you alive

  • Tom Oliver
  • BBC Science Focus



Many viruses are involved in essential body processes and are part of our internal ecosystem.

You’ve probably heard of the human microbiome, the collection of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that we share our bodies with, including the skin and gut microbiome.

But how much do you know about the “viroma”? It is the sum of all viruses within our body, found in every tissue, from our blood to our brain, and even woven into the genetic code within our cells.

The virus they are the most enumerated organisms on Earth. While it is believed that we have about the same number of bacterial cells as human cells in our body (around 37 trillion), we probably have at least 10 times as many virus particles.

Many of these viruses are involved in essential bodily processes, forming part of our internal ecosystem.

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