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‘The trip of their lives’: the last hymn to the life of Kelly Preston

An image from 'The journey of their lives'.

An image from ‘The journey of their lives’.

A hymn to life and the new beginnings of a trio of women in their fifties that relives the interrail of his youth, with the daughter of the fourth friend, recently deceased. That’s how it is ‘The trip of their lives’, a story of hope and positivism that has ended up becoming the latest Kelly Preston tape, deceased a year ago.

“When we were shooting the movie, nobody knew she was sick except for the producer, who was very close to Kelly. In the set you would never have thought that I was sick. We always said how incredibly beautiful she looked (…), the positivism she had, the energy, how fun she was, ”the director of the film Jules Williamson tells Efe.

The premiere of the film this Thursday (on Friday 23 it hits theaters in Spain) will therefore be bittersweet, although Williamson hopes that it will serve so that his family – actor John Travolta and his two children – can see “the light that radiated ”. “She had so much energy and liveliness on set and she was so committed to the story… That’s the most fascinating part, that I really wanted to make this movie. He was able to accept it despite the fact that the story has an incredible parallel with his life for being ill, for having a daughter of the same age… ”, says the director.

The filming of ‘The trip of their lives’ took place in 2019 and it was just a year ago when Preston passed away as a result of breast cancer.

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The interpreter of ‘The twins hit twice’ or ‘Jerry Maguire’ is Cassie, an American soap opera actress who meets with her British friends Kate (Jenny Seagrove) and Liz (Sally Phillips) at the funeral of Anna, the fourth member of a group of friends who have grown apart over time. Through a note, Anna summons them to repeat the trip. Together they decide that Anna’s daughter, Maddie (Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips), will be the one to accompany them in their search for the memories of their youth. The final destination is the Cathedral of Palma on the day of La Candelaria (February 2).

Only on this day (and November 11, Saint Martin’s Day) the sun aligns itself with the twelve-meter wide stained glass window and projects a beam of light onto the western wall creating the figure of an eight. A spectacular play of lights, baptized as the Fiesta de la Luz, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. “It was perfect for the end of the trip. By having the spiritual element that the light gives, it seemed totally adequate for what we wanted to convey ”, says Williamson, who highlights the enormous help received from the Mallorca Film Commission. On July 31 there will be a special screening of the film in the city where the filmmaker will attend.

The story of ‘The trip of their lives’ -which is inspired by the interrail that the filmmaker herself made in her youth and has Blondie’s songs as its soundtrack- goes through several countries and many unforeseen and it also has another direction, that of reconnecting with the essence lost throughout the years. “As you get older you discover that you have to make decisions and stick with them. You have to be organized, you have to control a lot of things and juggle. You get to a point where it is too exhausting to try to change your life. That happens to women more than men, who don’t know how to change because you have too much going on, “he explains.

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The three women are “struggling with it”, they are not “where they want to be in their lives” and the idea of ​​the trip is to “shake it all up”. “The idea was always that you have to be positive and know that women always have the opportunity for new beginnings,” explains the filmmaker, who with the film also seeks to celebrate “a celebration of women in their fifties” and the importance of friendship.

‘The trip of their lives’ is written by the screenwriter and actor Jordan Waller and also has the appearance of Ben Miller, Franco Nero, Judi Dench. The production toured much of Europe (London, Surrey, Paris, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Palma) and was shot on real trains.

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