Friday, October 22

The tripartite negotiates to the end to achieve record support for the budget

Deputies of Citizens, yesterday in the hemicycle of the Cortes during the budget debate.

Deputies of Citizens, yesterday in the hemicycle of the Cortes during the budget debate.

As is the custom at the Botànic, the budget negotiation will take place until the last minute. If in the approval of the accounts by the Consell on October 30 it was already necessary to exceed the discount time and present a correction of errors, the approval by the Valencian Courts of the accounts for 2021 will also have an end heart attack.

The agreement for Cs to join not only the Botànic budget, which already seems decided, but also the fiscal measures law was still stuck yesterday.

There were movements, offers and counter offers, among them one of Cs after seven in the afternoon that readjusted the sections in the autonomous part of the personal income tax, where the stumbling block remains. Changes in the percentage of the applicable tax rate to try to save the agreement, to which Podem completely refused. According to Ciudadanos, the readjustment to low income avoids the decrease in collection for the Generalitat because it is offset by the modification of the wealth tax and the already approved increase of the Botànic to very high income.

The final vote is scheduled today. The PSPV wants the Botànic agreement with Cs because it would suppose a record support to the autonomic accounts, but both Compromís and Unides Podem are suspicious of Cantó and believe that the fiscal proposal does not comply with fiscal progressivity and also supposes a decrease in income to the Consell.

In addition, in the last hours there has been a decision that does not go unnoticed in the Courts. The abstention of Compromís to the accounts that PP and Citizens have presented in the Alicante Provincial Council. A movement of the coalition that the Socialists see as an opportunity to repeat the consensus in the Cortes with the acceptance of Cantó’s proposal, which would allow the yes of Cs and therefore the record support for the Consell’s accounts.

The spokesman for the Economy of Cs, Tony Woodward, assured that his party was still “fighting” to reach an agreement with the Botànic on a tax reduction, according to the Efe agency. Ciudadanos points out that if their proposal to lower income taxation of less than 50,000 euros, which PSPV and Unides Podem consider regressive, is not accepted, it will be “very difficult” to vote yes.

Meanwhile, the syndics of the PSPV and Unides Podem, Manolo Mata and Naiara Davó, highlighted yesterday the “botanization” of Ciudadanos because the party that entered the Cortes in 2019 “is not the one there is now.” One day after the vote, Woodward defends that PSPV, Compromís and Unides Podem “cannot back down” after the modifications that Cs has made since its initial proposal: “We have reached a point where Compromís’ demands are met ; It would be a very strong suit for Valencians if taxes were not lowered.

For his part, the Socialist spokesman argued that “for the first time in six years at the Botànic there is already an agreement with a fourth political force.” For Mata, there are “difficulties” to “fit” the proposals into the accompanying law, but the budget agreement “is very close.”

Open the spectrum of the Botanist

According to the socialist Catalan Ombudsman, these difficulties “are above all political, because Compromís and Podem are not sure of the need to open the spectrum, but we are convinced that it is a necessity in a time of pandemic not to look at who but what “, he pointed.

Mata called to try until the end and said that there are “two forces cornered: PP and Vox who do not want to know anything.”

The Catalan Ombudsman, Fran Ferri, pointed out that there is a “right that is only interested in defending the interests of less than one percent”, compared to a “Botanic who has known how to add.”

The PP Economy spokesman, Rubén Ibáñez, charged against the “dark negotiation” of the Generalitat accounts between Puig and Cantó in an office without counting on the groups.

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