Wednesday, December 1

The triple crisis facing the United Kingdom, which could lead to a new “winter of discontent”

  • Steve Schifferes
  • The Conversation*

Empty shelves in a supermarket.

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The UK is experiencing supply chain problems.

Everyone over 50 remembers the year when in the United Kingdom trash piled up in the streets and graves were left unexcavated. With Boney M and Gloria Gaynor dominating the airwaves and Superman as the great Christmas movie, there was no one who could save Jim Callaghan’s ailing government from impending collapse in 1978-79. Those famous conservative election posters that would soon say that labor doesn’t work they summed it up with devastating simplicity.

Eighteen months after the covid pandemic, another very difficult winter seems increasingly likely, with fears about a resurgence of the virus combined with rising inflation and an energy and supply chain crisis.

So what can we expect and how significant are the parallels to the 1970s?

We asked finance and economics specialist Steve Schifferes to explain. What are the main threats this winter and how do you see them?

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