Thursday, March 30

The Trujillo Book Fair starts today with “great enthusiasm”

The booths already arranged, yesterday, for the start of the fair. / TODAY

Thursday and Friday mornings will be dedicated to reading encouragement workshops under the theme of bullying and peace

The cultural activity of the city will focus, from today and until next Sunday, in the Plaza Mayor, with the celebration of the Book Fair, promoted by the Consistory. Its coordinator, the poet José Cercas, yesterday finalized the preparations so that everything runs smoothly. Between calls, he affirmed that there is “a great illusion” for this contest, both on the part of the writers and the organizers, after two years of absence due to the pandemic. In fact, he recalls that there has been a great demand for authors to attend the Trujillo fair.

The movement in this event will begin in the morning with the organization of the 12 booths, where the participating bookstores and publishers will be located. Cercas reiterates that the highlight of today’s session will come with the proclamation, by the Extremaduran journalist Isabel Gemio. It will be at nine at night, in the main tent. However, the presentations will begin at five in the afternoon, where there will be no shortage of writers linked to the city. The first to break the ice will be Gonzalo Arjona, followed by Julio Prieto, Luis Búrdalo and José Luis Labad. At seven in the afternoon, Antonio Civantos will present his latest book to continue with Eladio Méndez. These presentations will end with the participation of Benjamín Prado to then give way to the opening speech of the fair.

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Apart from the presentations and book signings by authors, this Thursday and Friday mornings will be occupied by reading encouragement workshops led by Joana Pablos. In addition to being a journalist, she was working for a time in the municipal library. During this period, she carried out different projects to stimulate and promote reading, with success. She has also been linked to the Book Fair in previous editions.

These workshops are aimed at students from the María de la Paz Orellana, Las Américas and Sagrado Corazón de Jesús schools. There will also be room for users from the Aspace Cáceres center. Pablos points out that he is oriented towards poetic creation, under the theme of bullying, as well as peace, taking into account the situation in Ukraine. During these workshops, it will be shown, in a certain way, that words can harm other people. Likewise, emotions will be worked on and simple rhymes and compositions will be performed, explains this coordinator. “Words and the power we have to reverse a situation will be played with,” she adds.

Pablos has also coordinated the ‘Ciudad de Trujillo’ micro-story contest, whose prizes, in their different categories, will be awarded this Sunday, at eleven o’clock in the morning, in the marquee. The jury for this contest was made up of four women, linked to the city’s culture and literature. They have been Inmaculada Molina, Ángeles Quesada, Beatriz Vicente and Laura Casado. Highlight the preparation of these people.

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