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The TSJM gives the Madrid City Council free rein to remove the plates of Prieto and Largo Caballero




The cascade of judicial resources that aroused the full agreement to eliminate the names of the Socialists from the street Francisco Largo Caballero
Indalecio Prieto
has not prevented, at least provisionally, that the Justice give free rein to the City of Madrid to remove the plates. The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has declared final the judicial order that prevented the removal of the badges, according to the resolution that ABC has accessed dated September 20.

Upon the expiration of the 30-day period to present a cassation appeal against the judgment handed down on June 25 by the contentious-administrative Court number 30 of Madrid, the TSJM

has declared the firmness of that ruling that partially upholds the appeal filed by the Consistory and the Association for the Vindication of the Historic Roots Memory, which revokes the precautionary measure requested by UGT to prevent the removal of the badges from the vials.

“There is no place for the adoption of this precautionary measure” because it is “not in accordance with the legal system,” indicates the court decision, which, nevertheless, does accept the request that the City Council guard the commemorative plaque of Francisco Largo Caballero de la facade of the Municipal Board of Chamberí to avoid its “deterioration” until it is sentenced on the merits of the matter.

Largo Caballero, known as the «Spanish Lenin» –although he rejected this term–, was arrested for leading the Asturias Revolution in 1934. Later, he served as President of the Republic during the Civil War, between September 1936 and May 37 , period in which he was in charge, in addition, of the Ministry of War. Although he confronted ideas with Largo Caballero, Indalecio Prieto was Minister of National Defense under his orders and, later, with Juan Negrín.

The proposal to eliminate their badges from the streets of Madrid was raised by Vox and supported by PP and Ciudadanos after amending the text so that the change was supported by article 15 of the Law of Historical Memory of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero instead of in the European Parliament resolution of September 2019 on historical memory, as Vox had originally proposed.

«We asked the City Council for the same treatment they gave to Millán Astray or to García Noblejas brothers, that when the TSJM said that the removal of the plates was not suspended, they automatically proceeded to remove them. We do not want a privileged treatment, but we are not less “, assesses ABC the spokesman for the Association of Reclaiming the Historical Memory Roots, Guillermo Rocafort, who assures that they will claim administratively and judicially if this sentence is not fulfilled.

However, despite the fact that nothing prevents removing the plates from the streets, until the courts do not rule on the merits of the matter, the ‘status quo’ of the street will not change. Municipal sources told ABC that the street map will not be modified until there is a final sentence, so as not to disturb the lives of residents and merchants who live in these enclaves.

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