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The two 19 and 20-year-old rapists from Valencia who took the deceived victim to a flat to prison

One of the courtyards of the Picassent prison, where the two alleged rapists are already

One of the courtyards of the Picassent prison, where the two alleged rapists are already

The investigating judge number 21 of Valencia, acting as a guard, has two young men aged 19 and 20 were sent to prison for the violation from a 26-year-old girl one of them knew because he had been dating a coworker of the victim. That was the excuse to meet her, when the real intention, judging by the investigation carried out by the group of Sexual Assaults of the National Police, was to have sexual relations against her will.

The events, as reported yesterday by the Valencia Police Headquarters, took place at dawn on September 3. That night, the now detained, They waited for the victim to finish his working day at the establishment where he works, in a neighborhood of Valencia that Levante-EMV omits to preserve the anonymity of the young woman, and they convinced her to accompany them to a nearby public park supposedly “to talk”, precisely about the relationship that the oldest of them, 20 years, he had kept up with the girl’s co-worker.

The young woman initially resisted, but, at the insistence of the 20-year-old, agreed. When they were in the park, he proposed going up to the 19-year-old’s house, located nearby. The girl is She denied because she did not trust, to which they answered that she could be calm, since the young man’s parents and the rest of his family were in the house. But they lied.

As soon as you enter, the young woman saw all the lights off and turned to go. Did not give him time. Police sources have reported that the two now incarcerated pushed her inside and, without giving her time to defend herself, they covered her mouth with a hand so that she would not scream, they held her and pushed her violently until she was put into a room.

Then they threw her on the bed, They tied her up, lowered her pants and covered her head with a pillow to muffle her screams and, while one made sure that she could not oppose by gripping her, the other sexually assaulted her, a sequence they repeated afterwards, exchanging roles.

As soon as they released her, the Police explained,the girl announced that she was going to denounce them. The reaction was immediate: the elder, who apparently was the leader, threatened her, saying that they had recorded the scene and that they would post the video on social networks with his identity if he happened to go to the police.

The young woman stood firm and repeated that she was going to call the police. Before his statement, the 20 year old insulted her, grabbed her hair and spat in her face, preventing him from leaving the room. It was finally the other, in whose house they were, who stopped his friend and allowed the young woman to leave.

The girl immediately called 112 and explained what had just happened. A National Police patrol took over and accompanied her to a hospital in Valencia, where she was explored by the forensic on duty. The following day he formalized the complaint, in which he provided all the details, although he did not know the exact identity of the two alleged sexual offenders.

Theft history

Finally, on the 14th he was able to recognize them photographically thanks to the fact that the investigators had identified them from the police files of both, who had a previous arrest for a crime of theft.

The agents of the National Police arrested the two alleged rapists on Monday, October 4, who were handed over to the court the following day.

The two defendants, who had refused to testify before the Police, did so before the judge and the prosecutor, but to say that the sexual relations had been consensual, a thesis not very compatible with the detailed account made by the girl, to whom one of them, the 19-year-old, had barely seen it once.

Thus, after examining the police report, the forensic examination and the statement of the victim, coherent and immutable, the prosecutor requested provisional imprisonment for both for two crimes of sexual assault with carnal access with joint action, the most serious of those that regulate criminal offenses of a sexual nature. The judge agreed to the measure requested by the prosecutor and sent both to prison, where they have remained since October 5.

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