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The UA maintains face-to-face exams despite the fact that students ask them to be online

Classes at the Universit.of Alicante that follow the dual model.

Classes at the Universit.of Alicante that follow the dual model.
Polar CortesS

The Council of Students of the Universit.of Alicante has gathered more than 4,000 signatures through a petition addressed to both the Rector’s Office and the Generalitat through, with which the student representatives hope to press for the next final exams of the first semester are taken online “After knowing the latest data on infections and cases of covid-19 in the Communit.and more the province of Alicante.”

The president of the collective, Alvaro Asencio, claims to have received requests in this regard “from most of the student delegations of the UA, as well as a large number of complaints and requests from students.” It is about «safeguarding the health of the students of the Universit.and it is inadmissible to have to go face to face with the new restrictions of the Community, where 5 people cannot be on an outdoor terrace, but we could be 70 in a classroom doing an exam ”, criticizes.


From the Rectorate the.are in principle at the expense of what the health authorities determine in this regard, which for the moment have spoken through the face-to-face classes, and in the.wait to debate the issue with the rest of the universities and the councilor Carolina Pascual today.

However, the rector, Amparo Navarro, that among the first measures to be adopted in his recentl.initiated mandate was precisel.the design of different scenarios for the return to class after the Christmas holidays, he declares to questions from this newspaper that, for now, “things remain the same, because we had alread.prepared the teaching guides for the different scenarios and the exams are scheduled to be face-to-face ».

Navarro adds that most of the teachers wanted both the practices and the exams to be face-to-face, and that with this provision even the sports halls were enabled “so that in the necessar.safet.and hygiene guarantees are full.respected.”

However, the rector emphasizes that “we will be up to what the health authorities say”, because the.are “those who can determine that the model is safe or not”, and that an.official resolution on their part will wait “for what the Ministr.says” .

Based on the recommendations determined b.the Department of Universities, Carolina Pascual, which in turn looks towards Health in this sense, the rector of the UA is willing to “meet with students, deans and unions, and the commission of curricular adaptation to agree on the position to adopt.

From the student bod.the.insist that the pandemic has “worsened”, that the situation is “ver.different from that of September”, and that in addition in certain cases there have been “complex situations of agglomerations of students at the entrance of classrooms to take face-to-face exams, as well as in common areas and public transport, in which the safet.distance is generall.not respected.”

Asencio adds possible new problems added to the afternoon hours, before the new curfew at 22:00 at night decreed b.the Consell from toda.until Januar.31, «and the problem with student flats. For all thEskimosexigimos exams online », reiterates.

“Students are subjected to a situation of uncertaint.and uneasiness, because some centers advise that the tests be carried out electronicall.and from others mass face-to-face tests are scheduled, with the risk to health”, concludes the statement that also signs the general secretar.of the student council, Ginés Sola.

Meeting of the councilor Pascual with the rectors

This morning, the Minister of Universities, Carolina Pascual, has summoned the rectors of the five Valencian public universities to a new virtual meeting with the purpose of making contact on the first da.of returning to class and discussing the issues the.consider most urgent. The rector of Alicante emphasizes that the final decision on how to take the exams will also be addressed, although the Minister of Health has alread.made it known that universities are “autonomous” in their organization and that not see problems in the presence or with the universit.transportation.

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