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The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin becomes the whip of the German political class

Correspondent in Berlin



More than one German minister confesses that he avoids being in the same room as Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, out of caution, if not fear. Since the invasion of Ukraine began, he has been in charge every day to draw the colors to the hypocrisy of the German political class and it does so in very undiplomatic terms. His last reference to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, through social networks, has been a comparison with “liver sausage”, a particularly flaccid meat product, in one of his reproachful interventions for the fact that Germany is not supporting with more decision to resist Putin.

The tone is so unusual in Teutonic politics that those affected are paralyzed.

“Standing up to the Ukrainian ambassador today is the same as siding with Putin and you can’t do that either, so we are defenseless against their criticism, it is very uncomfortable”, complains a green minister. “Germany is one of the countries that provides the most financial aid to Ukraine and, honestly, this treatment is neither deserved nor acceptable,” Social Democrat Michael Roth, president of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, is outraged, to whom Melnyk It has been referred to, by the way, as “complete asshole”.

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“It makes me frustrated and Every day I open Twitter fearing that I have said something», confesses a head of communication. The precision of his German and the elegance of his styling contrast with his mannerisms, which irritate all parties, while the German people seem amused that someone dares to be incorrect. “It’s good that someone sings the truth to all those stiffs,” celebrated the butcher Walter Adam, from Herxheim, who from the Palatinate has sent a special consignment of his liver sausages to the Ukrainian Embassy.

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For the ambassador, the tone is perfectly appropriate. “What do you expect to hear? ¡In my country people die every day!”, It is justified. Their protests focus on the fact that, until today, Germany had refused to send weapons to Ukraine, in addition to the fact that purchases of energy products from Russia, for which Germany continues to pay 106 million euros per month, indirectly finance the machinery Putin’s military

“What do you expect to hear? In my country people die every day! », Melnyk is justified

But his complaints go much further. «On September 5, 2015 I cried. It was the day that Germany and Russia agreed to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Just a year earlier Russia had annexed Crimea and Germany ignored it, ignored the shooting down of MH17 by Russian separatists, with almost 300 dead, to partner with Putin,” he recalls. It is the moral aspect of his speech that has forced a radical turn in German politics, which he knows thoroughly after having practiced since 1999 in Vienna and since 2007 in Berlin. “I was born in 1975 as a citizen of the Soviet Union in Lviv,” he alleges, “and I will continue to warn of Putin’s insatiable thirst for power as long as someone wants to listen to me in Germany.”

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