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The UMH beyond the covid


10th university place

The UMH ranks tenth among the Spanish universities with the highest environmental sustainability index, according to the GreenMetric Ranking, a position that improves year after year. “Our institution is committed to diversity and respect, a space in which no type of violence is allowed”, comments the rector himself, Juanjo Ruiz, in this regard.


Strategic and Equality Plan

In the last Governing Council it was announced that the UMH has launched the development of its new Strategic Plan, for which collaboration has been requested from the entire community. The institution is also immersed in the revision and adaptation to the current legislation of its Equality Plan, which is expected to be new and modern.


Technological knowledge

The University maintains a close collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation. Proof of this is that he holds the vice-presidency of the Inndrómeda association, which works to make the knowledge generated by Valencian universities and technological institutes available to the business community to offer quality added value. This is yet another effort carried out from the campus in the field of research, a field in which the 77 new six-year terms of Transfer stand out.


Disclosure of the activity

With the aim of disseminating and making its scientific and research activity known to society, the UMH approved at the end of May the creation of its Center for Training, Educational Innovation and Scientific Culture. “We want to promote the dissemination and scientific understanding and educational activity in general,” says the rector about a center that will strengthen the links between science and society.


Integration in Elche

For years the UMH has been working to achieve greater integration into the social and cultural life of Elche, which is often questioned. This is the reason why a mixed commission has been set up with the City Council, which is embodied in agreements such as the student residence hall. This month the institution is expected to announce its headquarters in the city center and the first activities.


Brain and technology

One of the most ambitious projects of the UMH is called Neurotech and it takes place on the Sant Joan d’Alacant campus. In collaboration with nine European universities, work is being done on brain research and its technology. Launched this course, the project is giving its first results.


Challenge launched two years ago

Two years ago, the rector raised the alarm about the aging of the UMH teaching staff. 47% of teachers are over 50 years old and only 6% are under 35 years old. Since Ruiz announced it, the University has been working on this challenge, despite the bureaucratic obstacles it finds to do so and the brake that the covid has meant.


Less paperwork to read thesis

The UMH has launched the Doctoral School and is working to reduce the paperwork associated with reading thesis. The doctoral teachings are aimed at the advanced training of students in research techniques. They incorporate courses and seminars and include the presentation of the corresponding doctoral theses.


Campus for the people of Elche

Apart from buildings such as the departmental, La Valona or Perleta, the UMH is also committed to offering the most welcoming campus to the people of Elche. This has been seen in the pandemic, with families and friends flocking to their grounds to enjoy their outdoor spaces. The new “running” circuit is another step to invite locals to spend leisure time at its facilities.


Rwanda campus upgrade

Known as the sixth campus, the UMH also continues to improve its facilities in Rwanda, where the construction of the library of the Higher School of Sciences has begun.


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