Wednesday, March 29

The UMH creates a new chair to promote the training of auditors

The new chair delves into the project that was launched with the creation of the audit master that the UMH already has. «We have relationships with companies in the sector because the studios have to have a minimum of professionals. That contact has allowed us to detect problems in this world. Years ago, the auditor was a personality in the economic field and now his figure is very reviled. This causes that there is a lack of students interested in taking the exams to be an auditor “, explains González Carbonell as the origin of the new chair.

Another goal is to make known to society what is the work of these professionals, their functions and demands. “We want to show companies and society as a whole in the province of Alicante the importance of audit reports in the development of economic activity,” adds the director of the chair. For the implementation of this initiative, in which they have been working for the last two years, with the setbacks that the pandemic has generated, they have the support of seven companies.

The dissemination of the work carried out in the chair and of the work carried out by the auditors will be the first step that will be taken. From there, instruments for research on the subject and training will be developed, which will be linked to day-to-day practical issues, such as changes in regulations. The advisory council of the chair will ultimately determine the calendar of activities to be carried out during the first year of life of the new university project.

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Lack of professionals

One of the problems found by the UMH in the province of Alicante, and which has been the great incentive to start the new project, is the lack of auditors. «Those of us who meet the requirements are already a certain age and to enter this world, practically, you have to make an opposition. With the exception that no one assures you a job or be part of a company job board. Conditions are very difficult. There is a labor market but there is a lack of students of Business Administration and Management, Economics or Law who want to dedicate themselves to it ”, concludes the director.

During the launch of the chair this Wednesday, the president of the Accounting and Auditing Institute (ICAC), Santiago Durán, gave the lecture “The future of auditing activity”, before the rector made the closing. “Promoting our activity among young people is essential. We live in a very changing environment, of digital transformation, in which auditors and their credibility have to play an important role, “said Durán.

Regarding the content of his conference, focused on the future of this professional sector, the ICAC president added: “It will require people with the ability to adapt their knowledge. It will be necessary to master the techniques of auditing but also those of business management. It will also be necessary to have knowledge about what clients and investors ask of companies, related to social responsibility and sustainability ”.

Endorsement of seven companies and the College of Economists

The Ros Auditor Group, the General Audit Company, Ortín García Global Consulting, Econs Auditores y Consultores, Audifiel, Gesem Auditores y Expertos Contables and Geaudit Auditores are the seven companies that support the new chair at the Miguel Hernández University. The Official College of Economists of Alicante also supports the project.

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