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The UMH will adapt the surroundings of La Galia to homogenize the aesthetics of its campus in Elche

Elements such as concrete or grass will allow the surroundings of La Galia and the squares of the Poet and the Lady to have an aesthetic similar to that of the rest of the campus. Its more than two decades of life have caused the pavement to deteriorate and that, on rainy days, puddles accumulate, a problem that the UMH will now solve.

The work has been awarded for a budget of 470,000 euros plus VAT to the group of reforms and building Categor, which in its proposal has proposed improvements in lighting, irrigation and furniture and a 5-year suitability guarantee. A total of 18 companies have submitted to the contest organized by the UMH. The works will begin during this week or the next and will be completed in a period of between four and six months, so, with the August holidays in between, they must end before the end of the year.

“It is an area that is now 23 years old because the first building that was built on campus was La Galia. Slabs of the floor move and puddles accumulate. So instead of limiting ourselves to doing work to revise and smooth, we have decided to carry out a total intervention to adapt the aesthetics of the square to that of the rest of the campus ”, explains the Vice-Rector for Infrastructure, Pedro Ginés Vicente. The license for the University to carry out this work was approved on the 7th at the penultimate government meeting.

Map with the different works that will be carried out soon on the UMH campus. | INFORMATION

The adaptation of this location will also allow to improve the internal connections of the campus, since it will give continuity to the roads that start in the Torreblanca building and that will reach the future large plaza to be built in front of the Altabix classroom. «We continue the urbanization of the campus and we approach the avenue of the University. The departmental building project and its urbanization will also contribute to this. Within two or three years the area of ​​the Mystery Institute of Elche and the Language School», Adds the person in charge of Infrastructures.

Another decisive step in the urbanization of the Elche campus will be linked to the construction of the La Valona cultural tower and its surroundings, which will span from the Rectorate building to Avenida de la Unesco. “Our calculations estimate that in a maximum of four years all these interventions will be completed and we will have a much more functional campus, fully adapted to the most sustainable forms of transport,” Vicente concludes. In this sense, it should be remembered that the UMH has a initiative to reduce the number of cars that come to its facilities by 1,500 every day.

More projects

Regardless of the adequacy of the 5,800 meters from the surroundings of La Galia, the UMH also has underway the construction of a large plaza of 4,000 walkable meters plus another 2,000 of terrazzo in front of the Altabix building, a work that has a budget of 2 million. Many of the new roads that have been built on the campus connect with this space, so that, in the short term, the way of accessing various buildings will change.

For its part, the new departmental building has a budget of more than 7 million and will host laboratories and areas dedicated to engineering in its 9,000 square meters. This work is scheduled to end in 2023 and it will give way to the second largest building on campus after the Altabix lecture hall, apart from contributing to the urbanization next to the avenue of the University.

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