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‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’: a Nicolas Cage festival

Nicolas Cage in ‘The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talent’.

The actor plays himself mixing reality and fiction in an instant cult title for his followers

Curling the loop, the fireproof Nicolas Cage, with an expansive filmography, plays himself in ‘The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent’, one of those instant cult titles that produces greater enjoyment in the viewer when unconditional love is professed to the well-known actor with an overflowing career. He accumulates title after title in his peculiar trajectory, without apparently having a specific philosophy when deciding which projects he gets into headfirst. B-series cinema, bordering on Z, exploitation, dramas, comedies, genre… with some gems among so many productions (‘Pig’ will be released soon among us).


Trailer of ‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’.

It seemed that he was already honoring himself unashamedly in the psychedelic ‘Mandy’, winner in Sitges, where he offered the respectable a collection of shots worthy of becoming priceless internet memes, embodying a man desirous of revenge who persecutes a sect absurd that it has crossed the line. However, the definitive film that unites his life and miracles on the screen seems to be the premiere that concerns us, as if it were the role for which he was born, the most eccentric of the Coppolas. It is worth recommending, to any fatal fan of the protagonist of ‘Wild Heart’, the reading of the comic-book ‘The 100 Movies of Nicolas Cage’, edited by ¡Caramba!, in whose pages the cartoonist of the great series ‘Silvio José’ unites his graphic talent with the uninhibited prose of Torïo García, the mind behind the ‘NicCagepedia’, to unravel each film starring this illustrious collector of hair designs, with humor and devotion to his unleashed work.

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‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’ is a comedy shot through with contained delirium, set in Mallorca, that embraces the thriller and does not entirely avoid parody. Its director, also co-writer, Tom Gormican, does not attract attention, who complies with the file at the command of an ingenious device at the service of a Cage that is already a genre in itself and accepts without decorum his status as a rare bird, with self-criticism and disheveled. It’s not ‘Adaptation’, aka ‘The Orchid Thief’, by Spike Jonze with a script by Charlie Kaufman, here he abandons sophistication and goes to nougat, deploying references to the delight of the followers of the daring performer, whose passion -perhaps already obsession- to show a different hairstyle in each work is already a classic.

Paco León, the villain of the film.

On this occasion he plays himself, a fictionalized version that becomes an actor with economic problems, connect the dots, who fits little or nothing with his family (reality and fiction are intertwined). On his journey, he accepts the invitation to appear at the birthday of a capricious billionaire, whom Pedro Pascal puts a face on, in exchange for a hefty check. The rich man’s brother bursts onto the scene, an arms dealer whose role is played by our Paco León (another national star playing a Hollywood villain). The main roster is completed by Demi Moore, nothing more and nothing less, Tiffany Haddish (‘Girl Plan’), Sharon Horgan (‘Game Night’), Neil Patrick Harris (‘How I Met Your Mother’), Alessandra Mastronardi (‘To Rome With Love’), Ike Barinholtz (‘Suicide Squad’) and Lily Sheen (‘Everybody’s Fine’).

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Fans of the ineffable Cage and his overwhelming art in front of the cameras will greatly enjoy ‘The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent’, an ode to the metachiste whose grace is what it is, not to be taken seriously. Accepting the meaning of the show and the magnetism of its star, an endearing anomaly, fun is guaranteed. Everything indicates that it will not be the last time something like this happens in Nicolas’s unpredictable journey through the stormy waters of the film business. Little crack.

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