Tuesday, September 26

The unions warn that the lack of personnel affects the services of the Torrevieja hospital

The union section of CSIF in the Torrevieja Health Department warned yesterday that the first days of the direct management of the department by the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública “are being complicated.” The CSIF, with a union majority on the department’s staff board, considers that “the personnel managing the health area is making a great effort, but more resources are needed given the high demands of the current moment.” And they add that “basically, the main problem is focusing on the slowness of the call for a job bank to incorporate the professionals necessary for the proper functioning of the department.” The lack of personnel, more evident in areas of greater pressure such as emergencies, is also causing that “the medical material that has been received and stored in recent days, is not being distributed properly”, which translates into “an evident lack of resources to respond to the healthcare and management needs of the Health Area ».

Faced with this situation, the CSIF urges the Department of Health to give an «urgent solution to these problems, partly inherited from the concession company, for the benefit of both the department’s workers and the health care provided to the inhabitants who are covered by it ».

Inherited problems

The same sources recall that at the beginning of this month of October CSIF participated, together with most of the unions represented in the works council, in a protest outside the Torrevieja Hospital in which “it was already advancing that the problems The aforementioned were to have a clear and evident impact on the proper functioning of the Department, as unfortunately in the end it has thus happened ”. The Generalitat has subrogated 1,070 Ribera workers, to which are added 70 statutory workers, and has filled around 120 vacancies -especially doctors-. The usual staff of the department was 1,400 workers, but the Generalitat has created a maximum of 1,800 places for the department in case they were necessary in the future.

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The saturation situation has been expressed at the emergency room door especially on Tuesday afternoon with a significant delay for mild cases. This emergency service had 30 doctors before the reversal, but 7 resigned to continue in Torrevieja. The Generalitat has already filled two of these vacancies. Some residents of Torrevieja denounced this situation on social networks through very belligerent accounts against the rescue of the Ministry of Health.

The main nucleus of Ribera’s management remains in the area

The professionals who were part of the main nucleus of the management of the Torrevieja University Hospital have decided to continue working in the health center. This is the case of the former Medical Director, the Director of Nursing, the Director of Primary Care or the Economic Director. They were trusted personnel of the sanitation company and the maximum supporters of the public-private collaboration model, always supporting communications from Ribera’s management and leadership in their public appearances. However, they did not resign from their position with the reversal last Saturday, as did another hundred doctors and professionals from strategic areas -17 heads of Service according to Ribera, many conditioned by the fact that they also perform their duties at the Vinalopó Hospital. That it is an anomalous situation indicates that they have been relocated and grouped by the Ministry of Health in the dependencies that until a few days ago were occupied by the staff of the commissioner of the Ministry of Health, in the administrative area of ​​the health center. When the Generalitat carried out the rescue of the Alzira Hospital in 2018 -also managed by Ribera-, on its first day of new management, it delivered the dismissal letter to all the executives that it considered trustworthy of the company. These dismissals were taken to court, which considered the dismissals as unjustified and they were reinstated in the Valencian hospital although they no longer exercised managerial functions. In this case, Health seems to have avoided this strategy, with which the professionals who commanded the management have shown their face in recent years for the management and effectiveness of Ribera, continue in the health center. His role, however, is more related to a tug of war between the former directors of Ribera and the new management of the Department to see who gives his arm to twist.

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