Sunday, August 1

The United Kingdom extends the restrictions and the Costa Blanca rules out recovering British tourists until the autumn

“It is possible that an English tourist could arrive at the hotels on Ryanair or Easyjet flights, but the normal thing is that there will be nothing until September”, says Victoria Puche, president of the Provincial Association of Hotels of Alicante. Nuria Montes, general secretary of Hosbec, who will hold its general assembly tomorrow, stresses that “right now we must be aware that the summer is going to be a transitional period, and our objective must be to get to September well and with the COVID under control, because Without something we know is that another low season without tourists would be terrible. It is enough to remember what happened last year, when after a lazy summer the middle of September arrived, the schools started and the tourists disappeared, it shudders ”, Montes highlights.

For his part, Puche asserts that “We are facing a summer of survival, there is no other but the issue is hard, very hard.”

The decision of the United Kingdom represents, at the gates of July, the definitive setback to which the Costa Blanca could recover English tourism before autumn. The worst omens announced by the English ambassador, Hugh Elliot, in Benidorm a couple of weeks ago with what until September there will be no British except a miracle because, according to Exceltur, in the hypothetical case that Spain ends up in the green, the airlines need two or three weeks to reactivate the flights that, however, until the last week they were still operating at 50%. Even yesterday, Ryanair operated flights with Liverpool, Londres, Bristol y East Midlands. From this we will see. “It is clear that Boris Johnson, strains of the coronavirus aside, is trying by all means that the British spend the summer in Great Britain and these movements make that clear once again. Something that, on the other hand, we also do by encouraging Spaniards not to go on vacation.

Hosbec reiterates his concern about the unease caused by not knowing when will british tourists arrive Because regardless of its restrictions, it is difficult for Spain to appear among the destinations in the green in the medium term. Great Britain represents 60% of foreign tourists who come to the province of Alicante.

Montes recalls, however, that one of the obligations that the United Kingdom sets to be able to travel to the rest of the countries is that they have the sequencing of the genome, “something that the Community already has”, and insists that the British Government opt ​​for “staycation”, that is, take vacations in their own country and thus reactivate their own economy. The number of reservations is “50% of what it was in 2019”, the last year in a situation prior to the pandemic, although hoteliers hope “to make an acceptable August with the Spanish.”

The British Government, which until yesterday I was still allowing that a mask should not be used in outdoor spaces, assures that several scientists had asked him not to maintain the de-escalation on June 21 before the rapid advance of Delta variant infections, detected for the first time in India, and which is already the dominant one in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, although other British regions – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – have relaxed the restrictions, they will still maintain various types of measures to reduce the possibility of infections. It is estimated that the Delta variant is 60% more contagious than the Alpha, which was detected in the county of Kent (southeast of England) in December last year.

Controversial plan

On the other hand, yesterday it was the Provincial Association of Hotels of Alicante that denounced the little impact that the Plan Resistir Plus has in the tourism sector “because it has left many companies out, even the hotels opened in 2019, which cannot prove who have debts with suppliers. We cannot do anything because against government decrees the legal battle is impossible but the sector needs the aid now, “said Victoria Puche, president of the Association. The Consell, coordinator of the plan, ensures that hotels opened in 2019 can receive up to 3,000 euros.

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