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The United Kingdom returns 6 of the millions scammed by the fake Girona broker

Iban Juvanteny, the fake Girona broker in a photo with acquaintances.

Iban Juvanteny, the fake Girona broker in a photo with acquaintances.

Iban Juvanteny, a Girona neighbor of 35 years, has defrauded about 15 million euros to about 200 people. I was pretending to be a ‘broker’ that operated in the stock market of the English stock market. He has been in jail for two years and to keep him behind bars, the judge who is instructing his case ordered a bail of 3 million euros. “It is the highest that a court in Girona has issued,” underlines Sub-inspector José Merino, head of the economic crimes area of ​​the Mossos d’Esquadra, who this Wednesday, finally, has given good news to the victims of Juvanteny: lThe British authorities have sent the court of Girona 6 million euros that this body must distribute among the victims.

Where did the 6 million come from?

Juvanteny built a gigantic pyramid scheme by deceiving family and friends. His victims gave him money in the belief that he would masterfully invest it in British financial products, but what he was actually doing in the city on the Thames was spend it in casinos and bookmakers. “Especially trying to get sports results right,” explains Merino. So he squandered some 9 million euros. So much money that the English justice began to investigate it before the lies of the false ‘broker’ raised suspicions in Spain because they feared that it could be money laundering. The process got bogged down because it was not possible to contrast such intention. “He played because he liked to play, not to whiten,” Merino clarifies. However, it was proven that several of the betting houses and casinos in which he spent his money in spades had broken their own code to detect possible whitewashing and have now been sanctioned: with 6 million euros. The collaboration of the Mossos d’Esquadra with the police of West Yorkshire It has made it possible to demonstrate where the Juvanteny funds came from and the United Kingdom has ordered that this sum of 6 million be sent to Spain to repair victims who continue to wonder how they were deceived.

City box, private jet and austere manners

“He moved within circles of trust,” clarifies one of his victims. “It was introduced to me by a co-worker. He didn’t seem like a braggart. It was not ostentatious. He was someone you wouldn’t notice at first. He told me that he worked as a ‘broker’ in England and that he had an agreement with his company that allowed him to make some investments on his own. That it was something he did only for people close to him. That he was not interested in growing up or having a lot of people come in because that would cause problems. And I believed it because my coworker was delighted, ”he recalls.

This victim, weeks after meeting him, was interested in participating and after a few days his coworker let him know from Juvanteny that there was an opportunity: a financial product that in four months could give him a return of 25% o 30%. “I sent him an email, he replied with an English checking account and made a deposit of 10,000 euros.” Thus he entered a wheel in which he ended up putting 20,000 euros during the four years that elapsed between that first email and until his friend called him on the phone to tell him that Juvanteny was a scammer who had fled. “It was a very hard host. I keep wondering how I could trust him. He periodically communicated to me how the investment was going and I thought he already had 80,000 euros. If you had asked me then, I would have advised you to put money in. I saw, I wanted to see it and I did not attend to reasons ”, he explains with the intention that his case serves as a warning for the rest of the citizens. A warning that coincides with that of Deputy Inspector Merino, who underlines that these investment margins, close to 3% per month, tend to be returns that are part of the so-called ‘Ponzi schemes’ or pyramid scams.

Juvanteny was arrested by the Mossos in the spring of 2019 because he returned from Germany a month after escaping. As the Diari de Girona in a published information When he entered pretrial detention, he sent a letter to his girlfriend in which he admitted that he had not even finished his degree. Economical and that he had not studied in Leeds no master’s degree in Finance. The scammer generated that fiction that his environment fed by ensuring that he had a box in the field of Manchester City and that he was traveling from London to Girona in a private jet. He didn’t work for the bank either Barclays. In England he lived like a king, spending the savings handed to him by people who ended up from all over Spain and who believed that the ‘broker’ would multiply them on sports bets.

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