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The United Kingdom will lift the restrictions against Covid on July 19 despite the increase in infections



The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, will announce this Monday the lifting of restrictions for stop the contagion of Covid-19, on July 19, despite the situation of increasing cases and against the warnings of scientists.

Despite the fact that the epidemiological situation is worrying and that cases have reached their highest level since the beginning of the yearJohnson will not back down from his initial plan to begin the final stage of the restrictions in two weeks, according to The Guardian.

In principle, the president is scheduled to hold a press conference in Downing Street this Monday afternoon in which announce the lifting of mobility or assembly restrictions, based on good vaccination data, as 86 percent of adults have already received at least one dose.

Thus, Johnson will report that, from day 19, those citizens with the complete vaccination schedule will be able to travel to countries with a moderate contagion situation without the need to quarantine when they return to British lands; the use of the mask will be voluntary in most spaces; and it will not be necessary for vaccinated people to isolate themselves when they have been in contact with a positive.

“Thanks to the successful deployment of our vaccination program, we are advancing cautiously on our roadmap,” said Johnson, who clarified that the coronavirus pandemic is not over, so citizens must “carefully manage” the risks supposes the Covid-19.

One of the arguments that will employ the prime minister is that the citizens of the United Kingdom They must learn to live with the coronavirus, just as it happens with the flu, according to the newspaper ‘Daily Mail’.

Administration sources have told the media that the prime minister will deliver a speech to the nation, while the recently appointed Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, will be in charge of detailing the Government’s plans to Parliament.

Meanwhile, from the Labor party they have criticized that “letting the cases increase without action means more pressure on the NHS (national health system), more diseases, interruption of education and the risk of a new variant emerging.”

Shadow Health Secretary, Labor Jonathan Ashworth, has acknowledged that the entire population, including himself, is “desperate” to leave restrictions behind But with coronavirus infections on the rise due to the Delta variant, the prime minister will have to describe the new measures that will be applied.

The United Kingdom announced this Sunday another 24,248 new cases compared to 15,945 on the same day the previous week. In addition, 15 deaths have been added to the total, which already exceeds 128,000.

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