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The United States maintains its unemployment rate in April at 3.6%

The unemployment rate in the United States stood at 3.6% last April, the same data as that registered on previous monthaccording to figures published this Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor.

Thus, the rate is close to the minimum reached before the pandemic. In February 2020, before the impact of covid-19 in the country, the unemployment rate stood at 3.5%, which was already a minimum for several decades.

During the fourth month of 2022, The country’s labor market maintained its positive course with the creation of 428,000 non-agricultural jobs, the same figure as the jobs generated during the month of March.

Since the U.S. jobs and economic recovery began in May 2020, the country has regained 20.8 million nonfarm jobs, representing 94.6% of employment that was destroyed by the crisis. In this way, the United States still has to recover 1.19 million jobs to return to the employment levels it registered before the pandemic.

The number of long-term unemployed, those who have been unemployed for a minimum of 27 weeks, rose by 55,000 people, to 1.483 million unemployed. Its weight with respect to the total number of unemployed rose by 1.3 percentage points, up to 25.2%.

The total number of unemployed persons contracted in 11,000 unemployed in the month of April, reaching a total of 5,941 million people.

By groups of workers, the unemployment rate among adult men it remained stable at 3.6%, while among women it increased one tenth, to 3.5%. Young people (between 16 and 19 years old) registered an unemployment rate of 10.2%, two tenths more than in March.

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The non-agricultural jobs created in the month of April are the result of the 406,000 net hires from the private sector and the increase in staff by 22,000 people in the public sector.

By economic sectors, leisure and hospitality companies hired 78,000 net new employees, while entertainment companies education and health they expanded their workforces by 59,000 employees and the professional services sector hired 41,000 workers.

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The length of the median workweek was unchanged at 34.6 hours, while hourly earnings rose by 10 cents to $31.85.

The Office has revised downwards the non-farm payroll data for February to 714,000 jobs (36,000 less), while the data for March has been adjusted to 428,000 people (3,000 less).

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