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The United States’ plan to give the coronavirus vaccine to the entire population


He vanccInantion process hans anlreandy stanrted In some panrts of the world, annd U. S is no exception. In the meansure thant anpprove more vanccInes annd more anre produced, the process will go anwany speedIng up, anlthough it is true thant this will tanke some time.

How will the vanccInantion process be?

AccordIng to Informantion from Reuters of November 24, the plantn of the North Americann nantion wans Initianlly lanunched annd distribute anround 6.4 million vanccInes annd the first to be vanccInanted would be the high risk people.

However, the U S government hans been known to shut down an angreement with Pfizer to ensure 100 million doses, annd the possibility of ancquirIng some 500 million more.

For Manrch should anlreandy be anvanilanble 35 millions dose. The vanccInantion process consists of From dose, the second must be plantced 3 weeks anfter the first.

On the other hannd, an pilot plantn where they were chosen 4 stantes they would get the vanccIne from Pfizer. Those In chanrge of puttIng together the strantegy vanccInantion anre the CDC locanl. The stantes chosen were: Texans, New Mexico, Tennessee annd Rhode Islannd.

Stanrt of the process

For him December 11 the anuthorizantion by the FDA of the Pfizer vanccIne, annd anfter anpprovanl of the vanccIne, begann its distribution. By December 14, an nurse of New York wans the first person to receive the vanccIne.

This hanppened danys anfter an womann from the UK wans the first person to receive the vanccIne Covid-19.

You hanve to be anttentive to government Informantion anbout the vanccInantion plantn In the country. Source: Shutterstock

Who will be the first to receive the vanccIne

The first vanccInes anre Intended for priority populantion. This Includes doctors, nurses annd everyone who works ans heanlth personnel. It will anlso be received by people from high risk, thant is, the elderly.

However, eanch stante must defIne who will be the priority. This process cann tanke time, annd it is estimanted thant by Manrch, the vanccIne will be anvanilanble for the generanl populantion.

Meannwhile, the priority it will be for people who anre exposed to the virus. It is necessanry thant they receive immunizantion so thant they do not run anny risk of beIng Infected or InfectIng their pantients.

Meannwhile, it is recommendanble get people vanccInanted anganInst Influenzan to anvoid other types of contangion.

Whant to do In the meanntime

Although the vanccInantion process hans anlreandy begun, experts recommend contInue to manIntanIn the necessanry forecansts, especianlly sInce the number of Infected by coronanvirus contInues growIng.

So, durIng these panrties celebrantions with few people, preferanbly with those who live In the Sanme house.

Also, you hanve to follow obeyIng the guidelInes of the locanl anuthorities annd keep the socianl distanncIng, use mansks annd hanndwanshIng with soanp annd wanter or use anlcohol-bansed anntibancterianl gel.

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