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The University of Alcalá will offer the course in Salesforce

University of Alcalá Salesforce

The Uniteco Foundation and the University of Alcalá become pioneers by presenting the new Diploma of Specialization in Management and Design in CRM-Salesforce platform. Taking this course, students will obtain 37 credits and receive the title of specialist in Management and Design in CRM platform- Salesforce. These 37 credits are framed within the Permanent Training area of ​​the University of Alcalá.

Prof. Dr. José Luis Lázaro Galilea, Professor at the University of Alcalá, is the director of this course, which has been organized by the Uniteco Foundation in collaboration with Cloud Coachers, a pioneer company in Salesforce training in Spain, an activity that he has been developing for 7 years. For this activity, the company was recognized in 2019 with the award Key Partner in the Ecosystem, awarded by Salesforce Spain. Cloud Coachers will provide the training materials and instructors for the development of the course.

Demand for digital talent

With this initiative, the University of Alcalá de Henares takes a decisive step to face one of the greatest challenges of the digital economy: the growing demand for qualified professionals. An IDC study published in September 2021 (The Salesforce Economic Impact) indicates that in Spain alone 73,800 new jobs will be created by 2026 related to Salesforce technology, and that the economic impact of this technology will mean the generation of 19,000 million dollars of new income in the same period of time.

The University of Alcalá de Henares takes a decisive step to face one of the greatest challenges of the digital economy: the growing demand for qualified professionals

the profiles of Administrator and of developer trained and specialized in this platform are widely demanded both by consulting and IT companies and by companies from various sectors such as health, industry, transport, insurance, retail, finance, etc. that have incorporated Salesforce among their business applications.

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This new course is aimed at people who:

  • Have an engineering, bachelor’s or graduate degree in Science (Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics…).
  • They want to focus their future as a consultant, programmer, project manager, PMO (Project Management Office) or software architect, among others.
  • Have a medium-high level of English.

The organizers of the program are evaluating the possibility of students being able to take an exam to obtain, in addition, the official Salesforce certifications as an Administrator or as a Developer.

The Salesforce CRM platform is world leader as customer relationship manager and has been widely adopted by the business fabric both globally and in Spain. It is, without a doubt, the leading solution among CRM applications, with exponential development, from business relationship management to becoming a SaaS development platform. Thus, it provides the ability to build any functionality on top of it to manage customers and leads in a multi-channel manner.. Salesforce also offers other cloud solutions for digital marketing, e-commerce, service, data analytics, and integration solutions.

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