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The University of Colorado at Boulder pays you $ 100 to smoke marijuana and exercise

You can email [email protected] or call the research team at 603-970-1822 to register for the study.

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The stereotype of the lazy marijuana smoker may no longer be the way everyone who smokes marijuana is identified. And there have already been studies that indicate that cannabis users were more likely to exercise than people who do not smoke marijuana.

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder are looking to study the potential benefits of smoking a marijuana joint and hitting the gym right after.Some believe that smoking weed makes exercise easier and more fun.

The group of researchers is looking for men between the ages of 21 and 40 and women between the ages of 21 and 50 to participate in the study where they are expected to smoke some marijuana before getting on the treadmill. According to him university website, each recruit will receive $ 100 for participating in the study.

So, if you have no problem smoking marijuana and you like to exercise a little, this may be a job you are interested in participating in.

You can email [email protected] or call the investigative team at 603-970-1822 to register. Once chosen, you will be tested with three sets of treadmill workouts: two moderate and one intense. Researchers will track fitness assessment with surveys and blood tests.

The researchers said that you will take a health survey and then be asked to complete a short run on the treadmill on your first visit to the lab. In two other meetings, participants will take follow-up surveys and run for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

To participate, candidates must meet the age requirements and live in the greater Boulder area. The university is also applying for people who have used cannabis before while exercising.

Some studies have shown that cannabis can calm parts of the brain that feed the ego, resulting in a go with the flow mentality that makes exercise less stressfulsaid Dr. Jordan Tishler, an internal medicine physician and president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists, according to Insider.

When a person uses cannabis, they gently stimulate the brain’s receptors in charge of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps them feel happy, Tishler said.

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