Friday, June 18

‘The unknown border of America’, by EL PAÍS and ‘El Faro’, winner of the LATAM Digital Media Awards

The series of reports The Unknown Frontier of America, carried out by journalists from EL PAÍS in alliance with reporters from the newspaper The lighthouse, from El Salvador, has been recognized by LATAM Digital Media Awards as Best Digital Journalism Project. The work consists of six chapters in which the chroniclers and photojournalists cover the strip of land that connects Mexico with Central America, an area that has been ignored for decades. He jury has determined that the series proposes a “beautiful presentation and use of images and text to present a story that has repercussions beyond the region.” “The collaboration between EL PAÍS and The lighthouse it is a great example of the work that can be done and the scope and impact that can be had when we partner and pool our resources to create quality journalism, ”the judges conclude.

The dividing line that separates Mexico from Central America is the one that more people cross every day on the American continent and one of the busiest in the world. THE COUNTRY and The lighthouse came together in 2019 to try to gut this territory and pour it into stories. That year, the antimigration maneuvers of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, had opened a new stage of prominence in the area. The result was the series of reports that has been recognized this Tuesday with the award granted by the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). For six months, joint teams of journalists, photojournalists, designers and editors of the two media, more than 20 people in total, worked to reveal the identities, conflicts and questions that this area hides, to narrate it in installments and in multiple formats.

The cloudy Caribbean describes the enigmatic reality that rises a few steps from the most important tourist centers in the world; The lost frontier in the jungle it enters the Guatemalan department of Petén, which the DEA has considered since 1998 a key drug corridor; Bitter corn from Ixcán investigates illegal grain trafficking occurs in the light of day and with absolute impunity in that territory; The south wall It shows the invisible barriers of the southern border of Mexico, more than 1,000 kilometers that thousands of migrants try to cross to reach the United States; The trap of the southern capital exposes the difficulties experienced by those who come to the city of Tapachula, who misappropriate their bodies and almost give away their work, and Mr. Ngu’s last trip portrays the thousands of Africans who arrive in the lands of banana plantations and drug traffickers on their odyssey across half the planet to reach the United States.

The winners recognized in each of the categories will be announced during a virtual conference between November 17 and 19 and will soon compete against the best projects from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America in the World Digital Media Awards 2021.

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