Wednesday, April 17

The unknowns surrounding the great North Korean military parade

The expectation around large military parade planned in Pyongyang to celebrate the founding of the North Korean army remains today, after a source with knowledge of the matter assured the Yonhap agency that the event was not celebrated this past dawn, as expected.

Anonymous sources from the South Korean Executive told Yonhap the day before that the satellite images they pointed out that the stop would take place at dawn from Sunday to Monday, although in the end it was not held, possibly due to the light rain that fell last night in Pyongyang.

In turn, the main North Korean television channel, KCTV, did not report any coverage related to the parade on your grid todayNor did the main newspaper, the Rodong newspaper, make reference in its Monday edition to the military parade.

Analysts now expect the parade, which commemorates 90 years of the founding of the People’s Army of Korea, take place today when night falls this Monday in Pyongyang, where the weather forecast announces no rain.

It is expected that some 20,000 troops and hundreds of weapons assets take part in the parade that will cross Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung Square.

Furthermore, it has been detected two newly erected floating bridges across the Taedong River that directly connect the square with the location of the Juché Tower, on the eastern bank, something that until now had not been seen in any other parade.

The anniversary comes at a time when North Korea, which remains totally isolated from the outside Due to the pandemic, it is carrying out a record number of weapons tests, including the first of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in five years, in order to complete a weapons modernization program approved last year.

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In turn, the satellites have been capturing preparations for weeks for what is believed to be the Pyongyang’s first nuclear test since 2017.

In seoulwhich has been responding in turn with the development of new weapons assets, its new president will assume power in two weeksthe conservative Yoon Suk-yeol, who has promised to maintain a less tolerant attitude towards the neighboring country to the north.

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