Tuesday, May 18

The unusual UN agreement with Venezuela to feed 185,000 children that reflects the scope of the crisis in the country

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Children having lunch in a community dining room in Petare (Caracas).

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According to the UN World Food Program, one in three Venezuelans does not have enough to eat.

The UN World Food Program reached an agreement with the Venezuelan government to mitigate the food crisis that affects mainly children.

A UN Food Program (WFP) study published in 2020 estimated that one in three Venezuelans did not have access to a sufficient amount of food to meet minimum nutritional requirements and was “in need of help”.

Cases of child malnutrition have been increasing as the Venezuelan economy has entered a free fall and care services have ceased to be able to meet so much demand.

To deal with this situation, the WFP reached an agreement with the government of Nicolas Maduro that will allow this UN agency to provide food to school-age children.


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