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The US accuses the Urban Planning councilor of an alleged splitting of contracts

The councilor for Urbanism, Adrián Santos Pérez, in a recent image in his office

The councilor for Urbanism, Adrián Santos Pérez, in a recent image in his office

United Left accuses the Councilor for Urban Planning of the Alicante City Council, Adrián Santos Pérez (Citizens), of an alleged splitting of contracts, in projects related to the coastal walk and Cigarreras. He has done it through a Press release, because until this afternoon the formation and the municipal group in which it is integrated in coalition with Podemos do not plan to meet to agree on the legal actions to follow. From the US, the local coordinator, Manolo Copé, says that the case will end in court, either in the Prosecutor’s Office or in court. It also remains to specify which entity carries out the legal actions. The Town Planning Councilor has strictly denied the accusations and has lamented, in turn, the “lack of knowledge of the Contract Law that the US shows.”

According to the US statement, the alleged irregularities would have occurred in the “fractional award of various minor contracts for the drafting of the reform projects of the Esplanade coastline and the Las Cigarreras cultural complex. “” Each of the parties to a contract may have been divided into lots, the object of which is the same, as established in Article 99 of the Contract Law, the current government team has opted for the division into 4 and 3 contracts respectively for each of the projects without attending to the necessary operational and functional unit of two key works in the future of the city “, adds the release.

The contracts indicated by the EU are for the “Drafting of the project” Study and landscape design in front of the coast, Sangueta-Plaza de Galicia section “, of 14,500 euros, the” Topographic study for the drafting of the urbanization project in Avda. Mártires de la Libertad and Avd. Julio Guillén Tato “, of 1,936 euros, and the” Geotechnical study carried out in Paseo Mártires de la Libertad “, of 16,607 euros, together with the” Drafting of the execution project of the Paseo de los Mártires de la Libertad “, of 17,545 euros.

On the other hand, EU focuses on the “Drafting of the intervention master plan and uses of the EDUSI area, OI4 development, prior study of the Las Cigarreras architectural complex and drafting of the basic and execution project for the rehabilitation of Phase I” Antigua Casa de Misericordia “, for 621,940 euros, together with the” documentation service by 3D terrestrial laser scanner techniques of the Cigarreras Building Complex “, for 16,940 euros and the” Carrying out structural tests to undertake the drafting of the basic project and of execution for the rehabilitation of Phase I, the old Mercy House “, of 13,429 euros.

After knowing the EU public denunciation, the councilor has lamented the “lack of knowledge of the Contract Law” that has led, in his opinion, the complaint for now public. “It seems serious to me that they accuse me of doing certain things because of that ignorance. Neither the object is the same nor even the year is the same. The policy has to be done differently, not accusing the political adversary in this way, “said Adrián Santos Pérez after a ceremony at the Alicante City Council. The mayor reported that he planned to meet throughout the morning with the United Podemos spokesperson, Xavier López, to explain the details of the contracts indicated by the “partner” of the coalition.

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