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The US and the EU sanction two sons of Daniel Ortega hours before swearing in his mandate


The measures come after Brussels declared as illegitimate and without democratic guarantees the electoral parody of 7-N

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, in 2018.
The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, in 2018.Alfredo ZunigaAP

The European Union (EU) and the US have waited until the last minute to issue a new barrage of sanctions against the family and the circle next to Daniel Ortega. The Sandinista leader has scheduled the swearing-in ceremony of his fifth presidential term for this Monday, after the electoral parody of last November, despite the fact that neither the opposition nor a large part of civil society nor most of the international community recognize him.

“In view of the serious situation in Nicaragua, proceeds to include seven persons and three entities in the list of persons, entities and bodies subject to restrictive measures “, reported the European Union, which after 7-N had already taken a clear position: it was an election without democratic guarantees whose results lack legitimacy.

Among those sanctioned by Brussels, two of the most influential children of the presidential couple stand out: Laureano Ortega, favorite for the succession and who in recent weeks has personally led diplomatic contacts with China, and Camila Ortega, right hand of the “co-president” Rosario Murillo.

Three key institutions for Sandinista power (the National Police, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications and Postal Services, that regulates the media) are also part of the new sanctioning barrage in Europe, in addition to the main members of the electoral body at the service of Ortega and Murillo, Luis ngel Montenegro, Superintendent of Banks; and Nahima Daz Flores, director of Telcor.

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A few minutes later the Washington sanctions were made public, in what diplomatic circles interpret as a coordinated action with Brussels. The Joe Biden administration has unloaded its sanctions against Defense Minister Rosa Barahona; General Bayardo Rodrguez, number two in the Army, and against another prominent military man, Ramn Humberto Caldern.

They are all guilty of “subjugation of democracy”, the USA pointed out. The prisons of Managua today have 168 political prisoners, behind bars under inhuman conditions, torture and cruel treatment. Among them are seven presidential hopefuls. The repression that began in 2018 against the popular rebellion in April has claimed more than 350 lives, in addition to causing the exile of almost 200,000 people.

This Monday’s sanctions are in addition to those that have been imposed against Managua in recent times, which also include Rosario Murillo herself, as well as a good part of her family and the circle closest to the Sandinista leader.

Ortega take possession with the presence of his few international allies and the ignorance of the rest of the planet. “It is a usurpation. Ortega has kidnapped the people with the power of arms and with them they have also silenced him”, recalled the peasant leader Francisca “Chica” Ramrez, leading a camp of several hundred fleeing from Nicaragua on the border with Costa Rica.

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