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The US authorizes the sale of an electronic cigarette for the first time


He limits it to tobacco-flavored vaping, claiming it can help smokers “significantly cut back” on conventional cigarette use.

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Packs of electronic cigarettes in a tobacco shop in the Park Slope district of Brooklyn in New York City.Michael M. SantiagoAFP
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It was recently over a year when flavored e-cigarettes were bannedexcept for those with the aroma of tobacco and menthol, but now the United States has just authorized for the first time in history the sale of the Vuse vaping device manufactured by the tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, owned by British American Tobacco.

The argument wielded by the Drug Agency (FDA, for its acronym in English) is that the data provided by the manufacturer showed that their tobacco-flavored products can help smokers “significantly reduce” their use of conventional cigarettes, the leading cause of preventable deaths in the country.

Authorization allow Vuse to market three of its tobacco-flavored products, while rejecting another ten of the same brand with different flavors. Fruity e-cigarettes are very popular with young people and arouse great suspicion among tobacco naysayers because they are “hooking” on smoking at an early age.

According to Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, the decision approved Tuesday represents an important step in ensuring that all new tobacco products undergo “robust scientific evaluation” by the drug agency prior to marketing.

Nevertheless, from the agency itself they know that the authorization is controversial and that is why he made it clear that although they can continue to be sold in the country, it does not mean that they are safe or are “FDA approved”. “All tobacco products are harmful and addictive and those who do not use them should not start“, he warned in a statement.

The FDA acknowledged Tuesday that it is aware of the results of the latest National Youth Tobacco Survey, according to which 10% of vaping students named Vuse as their brand of choice. But he also justified authorizing their tobacco aroma “because they are less attractive flavors for young people.”

Reactions to the controversial decision

The ad was greeted like a jug of cold water by anti-smoking groups. “We are dismayed,” lamented the American Lung Association., who insisted that the only way to end the youth vaping “epidemic” is to recall all high-nicotine products and flavored e-cigarettes.

According to official data, so far this year two million high school and high school students reported that they currently use e-cigarettes and eight out of ten vape with flavored liquids. The FDA has long launched campaigns to curb its use after noting that a quarter of young people admit that they do so on a daily basis.

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