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The US began implementing the controversial “Stay in Mexico” program on the El Paso border

The CBP reported that daily 30 people will be able to request asylum.

The CBP reported that daily 30 people will be able to request asylum.

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THE ANGELS – The Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) began this Monday to apply the controversial program “Stay in Mexico”, which began in the government of Donald Trump and which was resumed at the port of entry of El Paso, which separates the aforementioned Texas city with Ciudad Juárez, local media reported.

The government of President Joe Biden had anticipated last week that, forced by a judicial decision, it would start this Monday to implement again this program that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for the development of their cases in the United States.

In a statement, CBP told KVIA television that there will be a limit of 30 asylum seekers per day who can register at the El Paso port of entry to the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), which is the official name of that policy.

“Mexico has required several humanitarian improvements as a condition to accept the acceptance of affiliates to the MPP. These are improvements that we agree to and will make, starting with El Paso, where the implementation of the MPP will begin today (Monday) ”, detailed CBP in the statement shared by the television station.

The agency did not provide details on access logistics at the US ports of entry between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez.

When the government of former President Donald Trump started MPP in 2019, the Chihuahua State Population Council and several shelters in Ciudad Juárez were in charge of pre-screen asylum seekers and send them across the border when CBP told them they were ready to receive a specified number of peoplebut it is unclear if these organizations will take over again.

The MPP application will be progressively expanded and will be rolled out in three other Texas locations: Eagle Pass, Laredo and Brownsville. The ports of San Diego and Calexico (California) and Nogales (Arizona) will also receive migrants under this policy.

In compliance with MPP some 70,000 asylum seekers at the southern border were returned to Mexico before it was canceled last January.

A federal judge ruled in favor of two conservative states that sued the Democratic government forcing it to reinstate the program, although he is still looking for the formula to close it permanently.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki highlighted today at a press conference that MPP has resumed with a series of changes aimed at “improving the humanitarian components” of the program.

The spokeswoman noted, however, that the Biden Administration still feels the program is “inefficient and inhumane.” “We didn’t re-implement it with enthusiasm“, He assured.

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