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The US claimed to be ready to deal with the eventual arrival of the migrant caravan

CBP agents would receive thousands of migrants trying to enter the country.

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WASHINGTON – As thousands of migrants continue their caravan north in Mexico, the government of USA says it is “ready” to deal with the increase in the number of migrants, a spokesman for the Customs office and Border Protection (CBP).

During the past weekend a new caravan made up of some 6,000 migrants, mostly from Central American countries and Haiti, made its way among hundreds of agents of the National Guard of Mexico, in the southern city of Tapachulas, determined to continue their march towards USA.

Questioned by EFE about this caravan, the agency spokesperson indicated: “CBP plans for all possible scenarios based on information about smugglers’ operations or migrant movements.”

Our position and response are based on a comprehensive analysis and not on a single report “He added about the news that has reached the United States about the departure of this caravan.

“CBP is ready to deal with any potential increase in the number of migrant detentions and we work to ensure the protection of our borders while managing a fair and orderly immigration system.”the spokesman said.

Last week the NBC television network reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to which it belongs CBP, at the end of the month, will put into operation a surveillance network in Central and South America of the migrant caravans that are heading towards the US border.

In fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30, CBP made 1,734,686 arrests of migrants, the highest number since 1986, although many of them were detained several times in their various attempts to enter the country after being expelled from EE.UU.

The Democratic Representative from Texas, Henry Cuéllarsaid last week that CBP has asked that the Defense Department monitor the location of hot air balloons along the entire southwestern border, beginning with each sector in Texas.

Cuellar, who chairs the Committee on Security Allowances in the House of Representatives, said CBP He called for military oversight of the balloons, as well as additional air and ground support at the border.

In September, the government of President Joe Biden was taken by surprise by the arrival of more than 17,000 migrants, mostly Haitians, who congregated under an international bridge in From the river, on Texas, after crossing the border with Mexico.

According to NBC, the new surveillance unit will provide DHS with signs and warnings of possible waves of migrants collecting data from agency personnel in Central and South America.

The chain added that a planning document for DHS indicates the purpose of establishing aerial surveillance of the trucks and migrant camps that congregate at the borders, and an increase in communication with intelligence and police agencies in other countries.

The information will allow DHS allocate resources and staff to areas of the border where caravans are expected and, according to officials that NBC cites but does not identify, will help counter social media posts that falsely claim that EE.UU. it will allow immigrants to enter and stay.

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