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The US criticizes the breakdown of Nicaraguan diplomatic relations with Taiwan

(CNN Español) — The United States State Department on Thursday expressed its rejection of Nicaragua’s decision to cut diplomatic relations with Taiwan and only recognize China.

Through a statement, they affirmed that “without the mandate that comes from a free and fair election, Ortega’s actions cannot reflect the will of the Nicaraguan people who continue to fight for democracy and the ability to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms. However, we know that this deprives the Nicaraguan people of a firm partner in their democratic and economic growth. “

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The State Department stresses that Taiwan’s diplomatic relations with its partners in the Western Hemisphere provide important security and benefits to countries.

“We encourage all countries that value democratic institutions, transparency and the rule of law, and the promotion of economic prosperity for their citizens, to expand their engagement with Taiwan,” the statement concluded.

This Thursday, the Government of Nicaragua, through a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, broke relations with Taiwan, one of its main donors and assured that there is only one China in the world. “The People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government that represents all of China and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory,” the statement said.

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Nicaragua – Taiwan relations

Through a message released Thursday night on its Twitter account, the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry said that it remains firm, that it regrets the decision and that the Government of President Ortega ignores the cooperation that benefits the population.

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“It is with great regret that we terminate diplomatic relations with Nicaragua. The longstanding friendship and successful cooperation that benefits the people of both countries were ignored by the Ortega government. Taiwan stands firm and will continue as a force for good in the world, “says the message.

Haydeé Castillo, a human rights defender in exile, recalls that Taiwan was one of the main donors to the Nicaraguan Government in the health, education, economic and livestock sectors, as well as being a key ally in the Central American Bank for Economic Integration, the CABEI, of which it is an extra-regional partner with a significant shareholding.

“Probably this movement in the international relations of the Ortega Murillo Government is related to the need to protect their family and dynastic interests in the face of the international isolation in which they find themselves, as well as the desperate search for an alignment towards other poles such as China and Russia in as opposed to the United States, “Castillo said.

Under President Xi Jinping, China has steadily increased its influence and global reach. In the US, meanwhile, Donald Trump and Joe Biden since their presidencies have sought to propel Taiwan onto the world stage with massive arms sales and high-profile visits by US officials.

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