Saturday, May 21

The US denounces alleged torture and murders in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican flag.

The Dominican flag.

The United States considered that among human rights issues “most important” in Dominican Republic reports of murders and torture are found by the security forces, as well as arbitrary interference in privacy and police violence against the LGBTIQ community. In its annual report on human rights released this Tuesday, the United States government said that in the Caribbean country there are persistent complaints about torture by the National Police, “serious problems” with the independence of the Judiciary, criminal defamation of journalists and “serious corruption” in the government.

It is a document released by the Washington embassy in Santo Domingo established that the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) reported on extrajudicial executions committed by the police, several of them related to the night curfew imposed by the Government in response to the covid-19 pandemic.

“In May,” the State Department report said, “sex workers in Santo Domingo informed the media that police officers systematically beat them when they tried to work, in violation of the prohibitions established by the pandemic.”

The impunity It was a problem within certain units of the security forces, especially the National Police, added the document, which attributes the Dominican Government not having responded “to a great extent” to questions about internal controls and investigations among security forces. .

In another of its parts, the report assured that the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported cases of Haitian migrants and their children, as well as Dominicans of Haitian descent, who were detained and deported because the authorities they were not allowed to search for documents of immigration or citizenship in their residences. Also reported deportations of unaccompanied children and women who left their children behind.

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The IOM, however, said that thanks to the training given to migration officials, the number of erroneous deportations of documented and vulnerable people fell by 58% in the last four years in the Dominican Republic. “In recent years there have been reports of intimidation, threats and blackmail by employers to prevent union activity. Some unions required members to present identity documents to join the union despite the fact that the Labor Code protects everyone. workers regardless of their legal status, “the report said.

The United States assured that in the “last years” the companies fired workers for union activity and unionists included in black lists, among other anti-union practices. “Workers reported that they had to sign documents pledging to refrain from participating in union activities, while companies also created and supported ‘yellow’ unions to counter free and democratic unions,” the US government said.

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