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The US denounces that Russia has fired more than 900 missiles at Ukraine since February 24

  • The Department of Defense indicates that long-range launches are increasing in Mariúpol, kyiv, Kharkov or Chernigov

The United States has ensured that Russia has launched more than 900 missiles of different types in Ukraine since the start of the invasion on February 24. “What we are seeing on the ground is a continued military effort to subdue population centers and more and more violence using long-range fire, (attacks) that are increasingly indiscriminate in terms of what they are hitting,” said a senior US official, according to a statement from the US Department of Defense.

Thus, the senior official has assured that, since the beginning of the war, the Russians have launched more than 900 missiles of various types and sizes. Likewise, he has pointed out that the Russian forces Long-range shooting is on the rise Mariupolkyiv, Kharkov, Chernigov and other population centers in Ukraine. He stressed that, despite the bombing, the main Ukrainian cities continue to defend themselves “bravely”, mentioning Mykolaiv and the city of Brovary, located east of kyiv. “Almost all Russian advances remain stalled,” he has indicated, because the Ukrainians have attacked Russian armored vehicles, aircraft, logistics and sustainment assets, he has said. Ukrainian forces have also been “cleverly” using unmanned aerial vehicles to defend themselves. “We believe they still have a large majority of their inventory on hand,” the official said.

On Sunday, long-range Russian airstrikes hit the city of Yavoriv in western Ukraine, near the border with Poland, which is NATO territory. “(Russia) is getting exactly what it says it doesn’t want: a strong and united NATO on its western flank,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told a news conference on Monday. “Just in the last few days, we moved some Patriot batteries from Germany to Poland. And we’re going to keep looking at possible repositioning if necessary, to defend NATO’s eastern flank,” he added.

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Thus, Kirby has emphasized that “the military capabilities that are being added to NATO’s eastern flank are designed to protect, defend and deter attacks on NATO territory, that includes airspace.” In his opinion, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin “clearly has the occupation of Ukraine in mind”. “We are going to continue to send security assistance to the Ukrainians as quickly and as smoothly as we can,” Kirby told a news conference.

According to the Defense Department statement, the United States and its allies have been in contact with senior Ukrainian military officials to assess their additional security needs. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has authorized this Saturday the shipment to Ukraine of military material valued at 200 million dollars (about 183 million euros).

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