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The US maintains its definition of “complete regimen” excluding the booster dose against COVID-19

Although the term is maintained, Anthony Fauci urged the population to receive the booster vaccine.

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WASHINGTON – The United States does not plan to change its definition of people vaccinated with the “full schedule” against COVID-19 for now, despite recommending that all adults in the country receive booster doses from Pfizer and Moderna.

This was stated this Sunday by the country’s main epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, two days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally gave the green light to the recommendation to supply those third doses of the vaccines.

“We want to follow the science, and right now, if we look at the data that we have, our definition of someone vaccinated on the full schedule is someone who has the original two doses of Pfizer and Moderna, and a single dose of Johnson & Johnson (Janssen),” he said. Fauci in an interview with ABC News.

This definition will also be applied to international travelers who want to fly to the United States: according to the CDC website, for now the criteria that people vaccinated with the full schedule are those who have received the recommended doses are maintained. originally for each vaccine accepted in the country.

Fauci thus tried to settle the confusion that had been generated in the country after the recommendation of Friday from the CDC of administering booster doses of Pfizer and Moderna six months after the last injection with those vaccines, and the October one that asked those immunized with Johnson & Johnson to get a second dose.

The governors of Connecticut and New Mexico have warned that they will not consider a person officially vaccinated on the full schedule if the booster dose has not been given., but Fauci insisted that the White House has no plans for now to change that definition at the national level.

They hope that citizens can receive the booster dose

That does not mean that it is not important to take the booster dose to prevent protection against COVID-19 and its variants from declining, said Fauci, who trusted that now that this measure has been recommended for all adults and not just for some , there is less “confusion” about it.

“There is no longer any ambiguity about (who should wear it), and we really hope that people will use this very important tool to optimize their protection,” he stressed.

Scientific adviser to the president of the United States, Joe Biden, was confident that this booster dose increase the duration of protection against COVID-19 so you don’t necessarily need to put another one every six months or a year.

“My hope as an immunologist, as an infectious disease expert, is that the maturation of the response, increasing its strength and power, will be followed by greater durability. I trust that. If it doesn’t happen, we will act accordingly, ”Fauci said.

59% of Americans are vaccinated with the full regimen, not including booster doses, who have received so far 17.6% of those who already had previous vaccines, according to the CDC.

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