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The US reduced the staff of its embassy in Ukraine and recommends leaving the country

The department asked Americans to register on its crisis website as it is today.

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WASHINGTON – The United States ordered this Sunday the departure from Ukraine of the families of the employees in its embassy in the country and authorized the departure of non-essential personnel in the face of the “continued threat of military action by Russia”.

This is highlighted by the State Department in a statement in which it also recommended that all Americans who are in Ukraine leave the country.

“There are reports that Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine and the security conditions, particularly on the borders of Ukraine, in Crimea and in the Russian-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine are “unpredictable” and can “deteriorate” without warning, the US Foreign Department has warned.

He further stressed that Americans should be aware that Russian military action anywhere in Ukraine could “seriously impact the US embassy” and its ability to provide consular services.

That is why he insisted that Americans who are in the country “they should leave using commercial transportation or any other available private option.”

The State Department also asked all Americans to register on its website for crises like the current one to be able to contact them if necessary.

For his part, the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, threatened with a “swift and severe” response if Russian forces enter Ukrainian territory aggressively.

If even one additional Russian force aggressively enters Ukraine, there will be a swift, stern and united response from the United States and Europe.“Blinken reported this Sunday in an interview with CNN.

These statements come after President Biden clarified on Thursday that any type of Russian incursion into Ukraine could be considered an invasion.

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