Tuesday, February 27

The US Supreme Court has voted to make abortion illegal, according to a leak

  • The decision, according to a leaked draft in an unprecedented exclusive by Politico, poses a seismic shift in reproductive rights in the US

  • Although there could be changes in the text or the votes, for now it annuls the constitutional protection and would leave the regulation in the hands of the states

The United States Supreme Court has decided end the right to abortion in the country as it has been regulated and constitutionally protected for the last five decades. Thus it follows from first draft majority opinion of the High Court that it has obtained in a unprecedented exclusive ‘Politico’.

The leak points to a turning point in US reproductive rights historyhas immediately caused a political and social earthquake and promises to intensely mark political life in the US, which faces elections legislative in November.

The text to which ‘Politico’ has had access and which it has published in its entirety, with its 98 pages, is from February. Although noEverything is final until the final opinion is publishedY there could be changes in the text or in the votes Before that publication, which is expected in the next two months, the forcefulness of the opinion written by Judge Samuel Alito and supported by four other judges of the conservative majority in the Court with nine members points to the seismic gyre.


“Roe was blatantly wrong from the start,” Alito writes in a reference to Roe v. wade, the 1973 decision that gave US federal constitutional protection to the right to abortion. “We maintain that Roe and Casey must be revoked”, is also read in the opinion, alluding to another Supreme Court ruling in 1992 that ratified the right.

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The opinion, which settles the case that arose after the adoption of a draconian law in Mississippi that prohibited virtually all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, asserts that “it is time to abide by the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the elected representatives of the people.”

I would stop the regulation of abortion in the hands of the states, who are the ones who should decide whether to allow it or not. At least in 13 Republican-controlled there are laws prepared that, with a sentence revoking Roe (and not eliminating only some of the protections it offered), they would immediately make abortion illegal.


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