Saturday, December 9

The US tested a hypersonic missile in March, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The Pentagon revealed Tuesday that it tested a hypersonic missile – difficult to detect by anti-aircraft defenses due to its speed – in early March, shortly after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in early March.

The Federal Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) reported that, in collaboration with the manufacturer Lockheed Martin, it carried out a flight test of a hypersonic missile on March 5, according to a statement sent to Efe .

after being freed from the plane that transported him to the skythe projectile was powered by a turbojet and accelerated to exceed five times the speed of sound for “an extended period of time”indicates the note.

DARPA explained that the device reached altitudes greater than 65,000 feet (almost 20 kilometers) and traveled more than 300 nautical miles (about 555 kilometers).

Is about the second time the US has successfully tested a hypersonic missileafter last September.

DARPA explained that this type of technology allows you to evade enemy defenses and attack quickly. Its kinetic energy can effectively destroy targets even without high explosives.

The US is putting its efforts into developing hypersonic weapons after Russia and China will successfully carry out tests with this type of technology.a, highly coveted because its speed makes this type of weapon more difficult to detect by anti-missile systems.

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Russia claims it has fired Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at Ukraine (Dagger in Russian), of high precision, with a range of more than 2,000 kilometers and a speed ten times greater than that of sound.

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