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The US to send 4,000 of its Afghan collaborators to Colombia


The expenses generated by the entire operation will be borne by Washington and the stay will be only temporary

Afghan refugees arrive in Islamabad, Pakist
Afghan refugees arrive in Islamabad, Pakistan.EFE
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It has had no connection whatsoever with the war waged for 20 years in the Asian nation. The only thing that unites Colombia with Afghanistan has been exchanging experiences for the dubious honor of occupying prominent places in two dire lists: that of major drug producers, one cocaine and the other heroin. And that of suffering the massive sowing of anti-person mines with the consequent deaths and mutilations. Now, however, they will be united for a noble cause.

Ivn Duque He announced that his country was hosting Afghan refugees who were collaborators of the Americans. “Colombia also joins the group of allied countries that are going to offer support to the United States for those people, Afghan nationals, who have provided assistance to the United States for years and who are in the process of registering and transferring immigration. to that country, so that they are in Colombia temporarily, “announced the president.

What I made clear is that The expenses generated by the entire operation will be borne by Washington. And that the stay will be only temporary, the time necessary for them to resolve their immigration situation and to travel to North America to settle permanently.

The decision includes his nation in a group that already includes Mexico, Canada, Albania, Uganda, Kuwait and Qatar. All of them will receive thousands of Afghans during their regularization process. Initial estimates for Colombia indicate that there could be about 4,000 people, although nothing has yet been closed.

The mayor of Bogot, Claudia Lpez, who is usually very critical of the president, this time fully supported the decision. “We make ourselves available for anything that is needed. Bogota is the city of those who need it,” said López. I added that in Presidency are still defining details of the arrival of refugees, which will be distributed among several cities.

“Colombia is a great friend of the United States and we thank it for having answered the call to provide humanitarian support to the Afghan citizens who worked with us to spread democracy and freedom in a region where those fundamental values, cherished by our two countries , they are scarce, “said the United States ambassador to Colombia, Philip S. Goldberg.

The diplomat’s words come after members of the Democratic Party and the White House itself maintained a distant attitude with the Duque government when they assumed power. In some way, they punished members of the Democratic Center for supporting Donald Trump and that they would not support the peace process signed with the FARC as they wanted.

“We have been united (with the United States) by the defense of democracy, the defense of human rights, the rights of women and It has united us to serve people in need“, justifies Duke.

This is not the first time that Colombia has taken a step forward to support populations fleeing despotic regimes. In February 2021, the president launched a program to regularize, for ten years, 1,700,000 Venezuelans who settled on Colombian soil escaping from a dictatorship that represses opponents and that has caused an economic and social catastrophe.

At the same time, is dealing with a migration crisis in Necocl, a small town in Antioquia, on the Atlantic Coast, which receives about 30,000 migrants every month from various parts of the world, Nepalese, Somali and Haitians, among others. It is one of many stopovers on the long route to the United States, his ultimate goal.

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