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The US wants to end Russia in Ukraine

Antony Blinken greets Volodymyr Zelensky before they meet in kyiv. / ep

Washington will grant another 322 million in direct aid to kyiv to prevent Putin from repeating the “things he has done”

A handful of outraged reporters yesterday awaited the return of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. After following them halfway around the world to the threshold of hell, the American government left them locked up in a military base on the Polish border. From there they received the news of his visit to kyiv through the Ukrainian press, which was also the first to reveal it, after Volodymyr Zelensky broke the secret.

That happens when the interests of one and the other do not coincide. After meeting for three hours with Zelensky and his cabinet, the Pentagon chief believes that the interests of both countries are aligned. “They have the mentality that they want to win, and we have the mentality that we want to help them win,” he said. Zelensky had publicly asked them not to go ’empty handed’, and they did not. The item of 713 million in cash that will be distributed between Ukraine and some NATO countries in Eastern Europe means 322 million in direct aid for kyiv, which adds to the 800 in weapons announced by President Joe Biden just last Thursday. “And on Saturday the 155-millimeter Howitzer guns were already in the Ukraine,” Austin boasted. “That’s unimaginable speed!”

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Nobody knows how the US has been able to deploy them directly “to the front,” Biden said, because the details of that logistics were as secret as those of the trip until Zelensky revealed it when they were already in flight. Their interests are not always as aligned as they appear. kyiv wants to expel the Russian Army from its territory and Washington wants Russia to come out of this war so weakened “that she cannot do the kind of things she has done in Ukraine.” For that, it has accompanied the delivery of the Howitzers, which require training, with hundreds of thousands of rounds of artillery ammunition and will ensure that the rest of the 30 countries involved continue to feed them.

Zelensky has already received the last shipment of 155-millimeter Howitzer guns

In addition, the Pentagon also announced yesterday that it has sold, on account of the money it has given it, 165 million dollars in ammunition compatible with the use of Soviet weapons, which raises the total expenditure of the United States since the invasion of 24 February to $3.7 billion in just two months.

The country that helps the most

If it is about alignments, the figure is in line with the 2,000 million dollars a month (and another 3,000 from the rest of the international community) that the Ukrainian finance minister, Sergii Marchenko, said last week in Washington that his country will need to continue repelling the invasion. For reference, the war in Afghanistan was initially estimated at $1 billion a month. Ukrainian Prime Minister Dmitro Kuleba gave Austin a pat on the back for being “the country in the world that has done the most to help Ukraine”, but warned that as long as Russian soldiers have one foot on its territory, “it will not be enough”. .

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As proof that the disbursement works and that Russia is losing the war “according to its own objectives of controlling the country,” Blinken announced that the US diplomatic corps will return next week to the embassy in kyiv, where President Biden has just arrived. appoint ambassador. The current head of diplomacy in Slovakia, Bridget Brink, will occupy this delicate position, having also served in Georgia and Uzbekistan. Her arrival, however, is conditional on confirmation by the Senate, which no one doubts.

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