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The Valencia Provincial Council far exceeds that of Alicante in transfers to the municipalities

Plenary session of the Alicante Provincial Council, before the pandemic.  |  INFORMATION

Plenary session of the Alicante Provincial Council, before the pandemic. | INFORMATION

A report prepared by the Generalitat Valenciana on investments that the three councils carry out in the municipalities shows that the Valencia Provincial Council far exceeds that of Alicante in terms of current and capital transfers. The budget settlement of the three councils of 2019 reflects that Alicante is the institution that contributed the least resources to the municipalities. During that year, the amount of the obligations recognized for municipalities that are derived from chapters IV and VII of the Diputación de Alicante was 31 million, which is equivalent to 14% of the global budget. However, the one in Valencia transferred to the municipalities an amount of 124 million, which is equivalent to 25% of its budget and that of Castellón reached 26 million, 20% of the global amount. During 2019, the Alicante Provincial Council was the one that contributed the least resources to its municipalities.

The report issued by the Generalitat also shows that the institution led by Carlos Mazon continued in the same vein in 2020 and still ranked last. However, the provincial institution has informed this medium that the settlement of the 2020 budget reflects that the amount of the obligations recognized for the municipalities was 42 million, which corresponds to 19% of the global, which would place it very close from Castellón. Taking into account the data issued by the provincial institution, in 2020 Valencia also surpassed Alicante in allocations to its towns, reaching 27% of its annual budget.

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Based on these data and in the midst of Carlos Mazón’s career to lead the Valencian PP, the Generalitat has denounced that Alicante municipalities are being discriminated against by the government team, made up of PP and Citizens. The General Directorate of Local Administration that directs Toni Such It has taken into account the direct budget transfers to suspend the management of President Carlos Mazón in regard to service to the municipalities. “We are struck by the fact that there are different levels of sensitivity in each province,” said Toni Such. The Valencian Government considers that the Alicante institution is causing discrimination between provinces and not only by not joining the Cooperation Fund, but they criticize that the attention to the peoples in other matters is also “insufficient”. Remember that the only major institution in the Community that has refused to join the Municipal Cooperation Fund to distribute 13.7 million is the Diputación de Alicante. With this, the Alicante consistories receive from this program half the money than those of Valencia and Castellón for five years.

In this context, Toni Such defended this Monday that “Alicante is the one that least attends to the municipalities and it is being demonstrated year after year” to add that “the resources belong to the populations and not to do what each one deems appropriate.”

The Council wanted to applaud the actions carried out by the councils so that the municipalities have financial sufficiency, but they have appealed to Carlos Mazón to “stop making excuses and use the resources he has to transfer money to the councils ». According to Toni Such, the problem lies in the fact that “Mazón has not assumed that a council is not a provincial government, but that it is a local entity that must serve its partners, who are mayors.”

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For its part, the government team of the Diputación wanted to make it clear that in order to value the money that the municipalities have received it would be necessary to include in the calculation the chapter that refers to the investments for the municipalities carried out by the Diputación itself. However, the Generalitat accused President Carlos Mazón of using these latest investments to want to control the funds and regretted that he had not assumed that municipal cooperation is his competence.

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