Thursday, September 23

The Valencian Community is at the bottom of Spain in deaths in residences

Image of the access to the residence of Formentera del Segura.

Image of the access to the residence of Formentera del Segura.

The number of deceased residents in the centers for the elderly in the Valencian Community represents the 32,79% of the total number of deaths due to covid-19, which makes autonomy a the third by the tail of Spain, after the Canary Islands and Murcia. The vice president of the Generalitat, Mónica Oltra, highlighted yesterday that the outbreaks have one of the lowest percentages of residents deceased by coronavirus, and compared this data with the situation in other communities. Thus, in Castilla y León, nursing home users represent 77.37% of deaths, and in Castilla-La Mancha 76.55%. Asturias, Madrid and Catalonia also have very high rates in this regard, 62.25%, 58.10% and 57.33%, respectively.

The regional head of Inclusive Policies assured, after the plenary session of the Consell, that 78% of the 318 homes for the elderly in the Community have not registered any death from covid, while 15 centers account for a third of the deaths, which supposes that they accumulate 211 deceased. After announcing the issues discussed in the plenary session, Oltra explained that since the beginning of the pandemic it has been infected 14.8% of the elderly who live in residences, which is a total of 44,032 accumulated cases with respect to 27,178 authorized places.

In his opinion, the measures that are being taken “are generally working”. For this reason, he indicated that the Inclusive Policies area will work together with the Ministry of Health to carefully analyze why massive cases occur. He also reported that there is a crash plan to stop these infections, responding to the different levels of risk in which the town where the residence is located: «The plan is made with the fundamental objective of stopping the curve and community contagion because in this way the risk of the virus entering the residences is minimized.

At the same time, he insisted on the importance of limiting the entry of outsiders to residences because «Clearly there is a cause-effect relationship between the community contagion that exists in the environment of a center with which the virus enters». Oltra avoided explicitly asking for stricter measures, as was done two weeks ago, and limited itself to indicating that community contagion is what “determines that the virus enters the residence because there is no way to avoid it.”

Oltra also made reference to the PP’s accusation that the Consell does not have a formally constituted committee of experts: “Decisions are made by technical criteria of experts.” In the same way, she recalled that in the decrees of President Puig it is stated that action is taken “taking into account the epidemiological situation” and was convinced that the head of the Consell “listens and takes good note of the technical advisers.”

In this regard, asked if she believes that Puig should give more formality to this committee and publicize its agreements, she pointed out that “each one has their work methodology and I am not the one to tell the president how they should organize their work.” He also regretted that it will be a different Christmas and stressed that “the important thing is that everyone is at the table, that no one is missing, even if we are at different tables.” For this reason, he appealed to “individual and collective responsibility”, because “the behavior of each of us is our best vaccine until there is one” and “loving is protecting each other even with less hugs and closeness.”

Throughout this week 27 inmates of nursing homes have died throughout the Valencian Community. In the province, as this newspaper published yesterday, there are 50 deaths in senior centers in the province in the second wave of the pandemic. Right now there are several active outbreaks, such as those registered in Xixona and El Campello, where eight inmates have lost their lives in total, or those in Almoradí, Guardamar and Formentera del Segura, the latter with 19 residents and 10 workers affected. The center is one of those that is intervened by the Department of Health in the province.

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