Thursday, December 2

The Valencian Innovation Agency highlights the benefits of Puerto del Sol de Novelda and Monforte

Fundeun, as a reference entity in matters of innovation and business and territorial competitiveness, and as an institution destined to establish channels of collaboration between the University, companies and public and private organizations of the Valencian Community is developing the biannual project “aCPIval: Program for the Activation of Public Procurement of Innovation in the Valencian Community”. For its part, Olivia Estrella López, general secretary of the Valencian Innovation Agency AVI, highlighted the importance of the project presented by Novelda and Monforte del Cid that “would open a wide range of opportunities for the region and improve the competitiveness of our companies and their innovation”. He also stressed that every day they hit the road thousands of trucks that, in addition to helping the development of industry and commerce in our territory, have a negative impact on the land and the planet.

The telematic meeting on Puerto del Sol. INFORMATION

Innovative solutions

This situation requires innovative solutions that are committed to sustainability, such as rail transport. After the presentations, the challenge of “Sustainability for the Dry Port project” was addressed by Antonio Prieto Cerdán, technician in charge of Puerto del Sol and researcher of the UA Department of Regional Geographical Analysis and Physical Geography, who presented to the attendees the most technical details of Puerto del Sol, structured his intervention in four fundamental axes: Viability, proximity, green economy and technology. Puerto del Sol will be incorporated into the Spanish and European rail motorway system, a combined transport system where trucks are transported by rail, improving transport efficiency while decongesting roads and considerably reducing CO2 emissions, which translates into in cleaner and more sustainable transport. The use of the railroad in front of the road will be promoted, to continue the path that the European Union has been marking in order to reduce the carbon footprint. The role of “La Public Purchase of Innovation in the municipalities: a meeting point between the Public Administration, the innovative company and research “ Rafael Lafont, Fundeun’s manager, was responsible for dealing with this issue and, in line with sustainability, emphasized the importance of supporting the European strategies of 2030 and 2050 in order to reduce the environmental impact of industry and transport until a neutral emission is achieved. This was followed by a case of good practices for public procurement of innovation at the national level: Smartiago, an initiative of the Santiago de Compostela city council as a strategy to respond to the challenges of innovation in the field of “smart city”. Finally, several pitching sessions were held by companies and researchers who have presented innovative solutions that help solve the challenge of sustainability in Puerto Seco. It has had the participation of Francisco Escolano Ruiz, University Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Alicante; Mr. David Ivorra Sempere, CEO Lynx View, SL and Iluminada Rodríguez Pastor, Chief Executive Officer at Applinanno Solutions.

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