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The Valencian Language Academy seeks parity

Àngels Gregori and Rosa Agost.  |  INFORMATION

Àngels Gregori and Rosa Agost. | INFORMATION

The Valencian Academy of Llengua (AVL) yesterday elected the seven new academics with which a third of its members will be renewed and opens “a new cycle” in which it adapts to the Parity Law and lowers the average of its components . If to date the institution had four women, now it will have ten and the men will be eleven.

This was announced by the president of the AVL, Ramón Ferrer, after the election of the new academics who will become part of the institution on June 15. In a single morning, which required three rounds of voting, consensus was reached on the new academics among the 14 candidates.

In the first round, Àngels Gregori Parra (18 votes), Rosa Agost Canós (13 votes), Maria Josep Marín Jordà (12) and Sandra Monteserrat Buendia (11 votes) were chosen. In the second vote, Maria Àngels Francés Díez (13 votes) and in the third and last round, Carme Manuel Cuenca (11) and Vicenta Tasa Fuster (11).

Among those chosen, Maria Àngels Francés Díez is a professor at the University of Alicante, where she teaches language, translation and literature classes to various degrees and where she has specialized in autobiographical literature and gender criticism. In 2008 she read her doctoral thesis: Literatura i feminisme: ‘L’hora Violeta’ by Montserrat Roig.

Also Maria Josep Marín Jordà, a professor at the University of Valencia, was before the University of Alicante and the Polytechnic. He is a specialist in modern grammar studies.

After the AVL plenary session for the election of the new academics, held in the monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes, Ramón Ferrer stressed that “a new cycle” is opening with new people and “all of them highly qualified”.

Furthermore, “each one has its own profile because the AVL has different sections and we have made sure that the candidates fulfill those profiles. The AVL has been working for 20 years and we have to keep working and not stop “, encouraged Ferrer, who said that the Academy aspires to be a” reference not only for intellectuals but also for people on the street. That is why from grammar and dictionaries to comics, everything interests us », he assured.

Ferrer also highlighted the fact that consensus has been reached around the chosen ones – over 14 candidates – in a single morning (in the last renewal there was agreement on six on the first day but the seventh resisted a little more). In his opinion this shows “consciousness of unity in the AVL.”

Now seven new academics enter, but another seven are leaving. The raffle that decided who will leave the regulatory body was held on December 4 and will leave out several historical of the institution.

Specifically, on June 15 they will leave Antoni Ferrando, president of the Lexicography and Grammar Section; Emili Casanova, of the Onomastics Section; Albert Hauf and Lluis Meseguer, of Documentation and Literature; Maria Isabel Guardiola, Terminology and Advice; and Honorat Ros and Eduard Mira, both in the Foment del Valencià.

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