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The Valencian TSJ suspends Mónica Oltra’s statement and asks the Courts to certify her resignation




The Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV), who had agreed to investigate the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse by the ex-husband of the former Vice President and former Minister of Equality Monica Oltra to a minor under guardianship, has suspended the declaration of the exporter of the Generalitat, scheduled for July 6, and has asked the Valencian Courts to certify her resignation from her status as regional deputy.

This follows from the providence dictated this Monday by the magistrate who instructs these proceedings in the Valencian court, Antonio Ferrer, after the resignation last week of Oltra from all his public positions days after knowing his status as an accused.

[La llamada de auxilio de la víctima de los abusos del exmarido de Mónica Oltra: «Necesitamos ayuda»]

This new situation makes Oltra lose your privileged status and, therefore, the obligation that the Valencian court and not an ordinary court be in charge of investigating the facts. For this reason, the magistrate Antonio Ferrer has now asked the Valencian Courts to confirm that the leader of Compromís has formulated her resignation from her deputy status.

In the same letter, he claims Court of Instruction number 15 of Valenciawhich originally investigated the facts, did not complete the June 16 official letter requesting the referral of the proceedings.

[Ximo Puig mantiene a una alto cargo de la Generalitat imputada en el mismo caso de Mónica Oltra]

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This procedure investigates the alleged cover-up of the sexual abuse suffered in a center by a fourteen-year-old minor under the guardianship of the Generalitat Valenciana at the hands of Oltra’s ex-husband between 2016 and 2017.

The educator was sentenced to five years in prison in a resolution ratified by the TSJCV. After the sentence, the minor denounced the situation in which she had found herself during the processing of the case and from the court a new judicial investigation was opened against six officials, the director and a psychologist of the shelter for minors where the events occurred .

Subsequently, five more people were charged: a general director, a deputy general director, a territorial secretary, a service manager and a technician. A total of 13 investigated.

The TSJCV, after studying the case that was forwarded to it by the ordinary court, declared itself competent to instruct him upon appreciating “a series of plural clues» that «lead to suspect the possible existence of a concert» between Oltra and various officials to «protect her then-partner or protect the political career of the outlaw». Now, by losing her status as a graduate, the matter will return to court number 15.

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