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The Vega Baja del Segura Territory Brand will position the region as a strategic area of ​​great value

La Vega Baja del Segura is a region with own personality. Its people, its gastronomy, its traditions and customs, the natural environment, the artistic, cultural and historical heritage and the accent mark the singularities of this land, made up of 27 municipalities.

For this reason, the new Tourism Dynamization and Governance Plan of the Vega Baja del Segura has been launched, with the aim of creating a competitive, sustainable tourism model and that it disseminates the differentiating values ​​of this region.

The plan, implemented under the collaboration agreement between Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, the Consortium for the Economic Development of Vega Baja (CONVEGE) and the Alicante Provincial Council, promotes the innovation, the modernization and the consolidation of tourist products of the region based on three axes: tourism, gastronomy and agriculture, enhancing the characteristic landscape of the Vega Baja, which is a historical landmark of the region, the gastronomy and the products of its garden. The Territory Brand “Vega Baja del Segura”, launched last week, aims to promote and position the region as a strategic area of ​​incalculable value.

The main objective of the territorial brand is to support all productive sectors and serve as differentiation guarantee with respect to other geographical areas, promoting the integral development of this region located to the south of the Valencian Community.

“Your land and mine” is the slogan chosen and voted by the citizens, which evokes the universal poet Miguel Hernández, in his Elegy for Ramón Sijé, and which transmits cohesion and hospitality.

Likewise, through this plan, existing productive sectors will be promoted and new activities with greater added value will be supported. The representative values ​​of the territory, which are based on the potential of the region, are cohesion, sustainability, proactivity, hospitality, professionalism Y competitiveness. These will guide the actions of the entities that will make up the “Vega Baja del Segura” Territory Brand and will serve to build the basis for decision-making in this area. common project.

Sustainable tourism: Plans to discover the 27 municipalities of the region

This region is committed to the valorization of the territory and the landscape as an identity tourist asset.

This region is the window to a unique, rich and multi-colored landscape in which the leisure offer associated with the coast is combined with cultural and architectural wealth inland. An agricultural region that has one of the most productive orchards and highest quality across Europe, which has been able to complement with a powerful tourist industry.

This has as its flag huerta, crops of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, which draw a wide landscape of smells, textures and colors. The intense white smell of orange blossom naranjos, the greens of the artichoke and the broccoli they color the fields. All this amalgam of colors can be enjoyed as a whole, leaning out of the window or balcony that offers the Sierra de Orihuela and Callosa de Segura. From above you can see the colors that draw the Vega Baja and the river Segura.

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Try the typical dishes and live an authentic gastronomic experience

The dishes of the Vega Baja are a great gastronomic reference in whose preparation local, native and kilometer 0 products prevail. SYMBELMIND / @CONVEGA_COM / @ PAKOMAR80

Gastronomy is a differentiating element of the Vega Baja del Segura region, along with tourism and agriculture. We are talking about an area with deep-rooted culinary traditions, due to the importance of its fruit and vegetable and fish production. In this sense, its cuisine stands out: rich, diverse, traditional and identity. La Vega Baja is committed to the conservation of gastronomy as social and sustainable tradition linked to the way of life and hospitality of its people.

Its traditional cuisine is based on the mediterranean products. At the gastronomic level there are differentiated areas: the orchard or interior area, watered by the Segura river, and the coast.

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Agriculture and orchards: A heritage for all

The landscape of the Vega Baja is synonymous with history, both in the interior and in its coastal area.

The Vega Baja del Segura can boast of having one of the highest quality and most productive orchards in all of Europe. This agricultural region has managed to preserve its cultivation methods and its unique hydraulic heritage for centuries, while continuing to adapt to current demands and challenges: which requires a commitment to sustainability, organic production, local consumption, training and investigation.

Because of his strategic situation and due to its good soil and climate conditions, the region is, from an agricultural point of view, the most important area of ​​the province.

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A territory with its own DNA

The Salinas de Torrevieja are one of the most spectacular in our country.

The Vega Baja del Segura region – made up of 27 municipalities with their own idiosyncrasies – has an excellent historical, cultural, natural, hydrographic and landscape heritage. His orchard, and the environmental wealth that provides the riverbed and its mouth is one of the most characteristic notes of the southernmost area of ​​the province of Alicante.

But not only that: their infinite beaches and dunes, its popular festivals and traditions, the hospitality of its people, and of course, its rich and varied gastronomy, are the common denominator of a region full of life and with much to offer.

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Vega Baja del Segura territory brand.

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