Monday, November 29

The Venice Film Festival ends its exhibitions with ‘On the Job: The missing 8’ and ‘Un autre monde’

The repression against journalists in the Philippines has crept into the last day of competition at the Venice Film Festival. It is the central theme of “On the Job: The missing 8”, the film directed by Erik Matti.

In its three hours and forty minutes, the film mixes violence, politics and intrigue in a lighthearted and sometimes ironic tone.

The filmmaker assured that he does not expect any kind of retaliation in his country for this thriller and, asked if he was sure, he replied between laughter: “I don’t know, we will find out at the airport.”

The film is the longest of the twenty-one competing for the highest award in the Italian competition, lasting three hours and forty minutes, an extension that is absolutely necessary for its creator.

“I am the last person to want a film of more than three hours, I usually shoot films as short as possible, but I could not tell this story in less time, we tried but it did not work,” he said at the press conference.

And he justified himself: “This has allowed me to address serious issues while entertaining the public.” Inspired by true events, “On the Job: The missing eight” chronicles the disappearance of eight journalists in the shadows of the power of a local caudillo.

Stéphane Brizé puts the Venice Film Festival screening days to a close

For his part, Stéphane Brizé takes up the economic theme for the third time in his films, this time with “Un autre monde” (an aotre mond) he exposes the devastating consequences of the capitalist system on people’s lives.

Vincent Lindon puts himself in the shoes of an executive of an industrial conglomerate who is under pressure from his superiors to gain competitiveness at all costs.

Vincent Lindon, protagonist of the three with different roles, has rejected the word “trilogy” at a press conference to define these three works. “It is not a trilogy and I am not Antoine Doinel, nobody tells Ken Loach that he has done an octology,” he said.

Brizé portrays him as a good manager, who fights for his people but is nevertheless overwhelmed by the system and subjected to a level of demand that also ruins his family life.

“The system is not working, the executives also reach a breaking point, they ask them for tasks that are impossible to undertake, they take problems home and that is why their work destroys everything: themselves and their family,” Brizé pointed out. . “It is a systemic problem and not a class problem.”

The director has emphasized that there was no premeditated plan to make three films but that each one has arisen in response to the questions posed by the previous one.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, together on the red carpet in Venice

This last day of exhibitions all eyes were on the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez show. The most acclaimed couple of the moment, they have made their relationship official by parading together tonight on the red carpet of the Lido Cinema Palace.

They have attended the presentation of Affleck’s latest film, “The Last Duel,” directed co-organized by Matt Damon and Judie Comer.

The story, told from three different points of view, revolves around a noble woman (Jodie Comer) who in 14th century France decides to testify against her husband’s best friend (Adam Driver) (Matt Damon) because of a rape, which will lead to the fate of the three being decided in a duel to the death.

Ridley Scott receives the Cartier Prize in Venice for his prolific career

2The Last Duel “is presented out of competition and its director Ridley Scott received last night the Cartier Glory award granted by the festival for his prolific career.

Sparing in words, the director of key works in film history such as “Blade Runner”, “Alien” or “Gladiator”, has read a thank you in which he has mentioned all the filmmakers who have served as inspiration.

The Venice Film Festival closes this Saturday, with the presentation of its Golden Lion

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