Thursday, December 8

The Veterans Parade returns to NYC’s Fifth Avenue after the pandemic

With bass drums and cymbals, thousands of New Yorkers staked this Thursday along the Fifth avenue in Manhattan, between 25th and 40th streets, to celebrate the 102 Veterans Parade, then last year due to the coronavirus the ‘stop’ was carried out virtually and without the presence of spectators.

This parade, which is the largest of all those that take place in the country, once again had hundreds of veterans who have participated in the different wars that this country has been part of, as well as soldiers who are still active in the Armed forces. Also notable is the presence of officers from the New York City Police Department and the New York State Police.

And this year the event was dedicated to commemorating the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and to remember the thousands of soldiers who have participated and died in the so-called ‘global war against terrorism’ that was unleashed after the attacks on Twin Towers.

As in previous years, the parade was attended by the main New York authorities, including Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Kathy Hochul, who highlighted that the event was one more example of how New York City is returning to normal. In addition, the mayor-elect Eric Adams.

Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated that the parade has returned to the streets of the Big Apple. Photo: Courtesy NYC Mayor’s Office.

“The parade is back in full force, the New York City is back, it’s a great day. This is the largest parade in the United States and this year we present and salute the Air Force. Thank you, ”the Mayor said at the start of the parade, adding that the entire city of New York“ stands united in support of our veterans. And we thank all that the Armed Forces have done to help us overcome COVID. We are indebted to all of you “

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Meanwhile, the Governor highlighted in a statement that the Veterans Day “This is a time to show our appreciation for the brave people who have served to protect our democracy and our freedoms.”

Governor Kathy Hochul paraded in front of New York State Police officers. Photo: Getty Images.

In addition, Hochul ordered that the most iconic buildings in New York, including two well-known in the Big Apple, the One World Trade Center and the Grand Central Terminal, were illuminated in green to commemorate this Veterans Day.

“This enlightenment represents our unwavering support for New York veterans, showing them that we will continue to support them and their families every day,” said the state leader.

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