Friday, May 27

The victim of a rape in Murcia denounces that her attacker tried to suffocate her twice

The 25-year-old, whose initials are ST, who was arrested on Sunday for Local Police of Murcia for rape to a 20 year old in the valley, try choke your victim twice, as stated in the complaint filed with the Civil Guard, the competent body to investigate the attack.

The forensic report from the Murcia Legal Medicine Institute, which went to the Virgen de la Arrixaca to examine the girl, corroborates the marks that she had on her neck. In addition, the victim had a head injury and limb injuries, indicate sources close to the case.

The courage of the young woman, 20 years old, made her save her life, by distracting her attacker, after the attack, until she saw some hikers in the mountains to ask for help. Earlier, she had already told a friend: “Yes no you context to WhatsApp, call the police“This friend called 112 when the lack of news made her see that something was wrong. The victim had managed to send her the location.

The affected did not know this boy, but yes they had mutual friends, so she got into his car, which assured her that he would take her home. It was not like that: he cheated on her and took her to an area of ​​the Murcia mountain, where, according to the complaint, he sexually forced her and later tried to strangle her. “Let’s see what I do now with you, you have ruined me“He came to tell her.

The events occurred this Sunday, before seven in the morning, in the aforementioned mountain area, in Murcia. After giving the friend the voice of alarm to the Emergency Coordination Center, the local police worked hard. Police units from half a dozen localities mobilized to try to find the individual in question. The Local Police even requested that a helicopter come out to try to locate the suspects’ car, but in the end it was not necessary for the aerial vehicle to be mobilized.

Units from El Esparragal, El Palmar, La Raya, Los Martínez del Puerto, Espinardo, Beniaján and the Ecological Patrol participated in the operation. When they found the subject, they proceeded to arrest him and took him to the cells of the Armed Institute.

The judge releases the suspect

Free with a restraining order from his victim. This is how the 25-year-old man of Moroccan origin and resident of El Palmar, who was arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping a girl in El Valle, left the Guard Court on Tuesday.

The head of the Court of Instruction Number 7 of Murcia agreed to this precautionary measure, that of the restraining order, because the Prosecutor’s Office requested it, which did not request preventive detention for this individual, who remains under investigation by a crime of rape, indicate judicial sources.

The subject is obliged to appear twice a week in court, add the same sources.

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