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The victim went to the Police after the first arrest of Yéremi Vargas’s father

Second arrest in just three days. Juan Francisco Vargas, Yéremi’s father, the missing boy in Vecindario, it is denounced again for an alleged crime of sexual abuse to another teenager 13-year-old, in events that supposedly took place a year ago in the town of Corralejo, in Fuerteventura, while he lived with the mother of the young woman, although it was not until Wednesday of this week that he made the decision to put the facts in the knowledge of the National Police. He did, according to the victim, encouraged by the complaint that his own daughter had previously filed against him this Monday in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, of the same age as the previous one, and which was in this case fruit of a sentimental relationship subsequent to the one he had with the mother of the child who is sought for 14 years. For this first case, he was under investigation and with a restraining order and prohibition of communication with the minor, issued by a judge.

The new complaint against Vargas was registered at the headquarters of the National Police in the capital of Majorera on Wednesday. According to the minor’s account, the events took place in Corralejo, but he did not dare to report it when they happened a year ago for fear of reprisals because he lived in Fuerteventura.

Apparently, the detainee and the mother of the young complainant were in a relationship, so the events could allegedly occur while the mother was away from home. This bond between the couple allegedly broke at the end of last year.

A very similar profile

It is the sister of the affected adolescent Majorera who informs her mother, so she decided to bring the facts to the attention of the police. Upon learning of the complaint filed this Wednesday in Fuerteventura, a team from the Family and Women Protection Unit (UFAM) of the National Police Corps of the National Police headquarters of Las Palmas traveled to the capital of Majorera to take statements to the youngest, with whom they spent the afternoon and part of the night.

And after giving verisimilitude to the version of the alleged victim about an alleged case of sexual assault, the national agents proceeded on Thursday morning to the arrest for the second time this week of Yéremi’s father in Gran Canaria, where he is living in these moments.

Now, Juan Francisco Vargas remains detained for this new case of a possible crime of sexual abuse, waiting to go to court, which could be in Puerto del Rosario. He would do it for the second time this week for very similar events, with two teenagers of the same age, but with events that occurred on different islands and while he has been with different romantic partners.

The 13-year-old daughter already filed the first complaint against him on Monday morning. It was three in the morning when the complainant began to scream, stating that she was being sexually assaulted.

Neighbors in the area indicated that the shouting woke them up and that in a few minutes the agents appeared at the home and took the alleged perpetrator away..

The minor claimed that the perpetrator of the abuse was her father, filing the complaint at the National Police offices later.

Vargas went to court on Tuesday. In this case, you chose to make use of your right not to declare in the Examining Court number 6 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The judge on duty ordered his provisional release with charges. Among them, a restraining order for the alleged victim, while the facts are clarified, according to the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC).

Despite his silence at the courthouse, Juan Francisco Vargas sent a letter to Telecinco in which he defended himself against the accusation of his daughter after the wide social repercussion that the case had had throughout Spain.

In the letter he alleged: “I fell asleep and my daughter woke me up saying that I had tried to rape her. I fainted from the shock, I was left convulsing on the floor”, Vargas details. He also states that his family “is fatal” for the accusation. “I would give everything for my daughter,” he adds to defend himself.

A neighbor who woke up with the screams pointed out that he heard the father ask him if he was going to report him, after which he points out that he saw him lying on the ground.

The current couple, who was at that time of the alleged sexual abuse in the family home, corroborates the account of Juan Francisco Vargas about the facts.

“We were four people in bed, Juanfran on the right side, I on the left side, my son on the bottom of the bed and the girl in the middle.”

A collaborator of the aforementioned television indicates that “Vargas says with tremendous pain that he was sleeping because he came home from work, that with one hand he was caressing his girlfriend while she fell asleep and with the other he was hugging his daughter.”

What counts, they indicate from the television, “is that he fell asleep and that, just when he woke up, the police appeared, they arrested him, that he was not finding out anything at all and he saw the girl say ‘dad, dad, you’re sexually assaulting me‘”.

Two distant black stories

Yéremi’s mother, Ithaisa Suárez, stressed after the first arrest that “this issue has absolutely nothing to do” with what happened to her son. As you will remember, Yéremi Vargas disappeared on March 10, 2007 when she was seven years old. The boy was playing on a lot next to the grandparents’ house in Vecindario. Police glances have focused on Antonio Ojeda, known as El Rubio, who has also been in prison for another five-year sentence for sexual abuse of another nine-year-old boy in 2012. However, the Civil Guard failed to prove their alleged participation. The maternal family appealed two years ago to the well-known and television lawyer Marcos García Montes to reopen the case with new evidence, although they still have not been presented.


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