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The video of the assault on Melilla, according to Morocco




Morocco has decided to counter the videos of the actions of its police forces on the hundreds of migrants who on Friday staged the last attempt to jump the Melilla fence, disseminating images that show the level of violence they faced in containing the 2,000 people who, according to their estimates, tried to access the autonomous city through the Chinatown area.

The story consists of a first video where hundreds of people are seen in a line descending from the mountains towards the border area. It is interspersed with a second capture in which these people are already climbing the fence. It should be remembered that on Friday, unlike other occasions, the migrants were equipped with shears to cut the door in that area and break through.

With dozens of people already perched, the Moroccan security forces are deployed in the area and begin to throw smoke canisters. It is observed how the fence gives way and a large group of migrants fall backwards into Moroccan territory. In total, there are 23 deaths, part of them in the agglomeration in a valley area. NGOs raise tally to 37 deaths.

The same recording captures other moments of tension, such as the throwing what look like stones at migrants or the kick that one of them gives to the head of a Moroccan agent from the fence on which he is perched. He follows up with the vision of the Chinatown gate and shows several men sliding down the fence to try to cross over to the Spanish side while Moroccan forces, increasingly numerous, begin with the arrests.

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Dozens of piled up sticks, the same ones that can be seen in the tape that the migrants carried on their way to the fence, close the sequence together with the medical care for the wounded. Also shown are the handmade hooks made by those who want to cross the border in this way to be able to climb the railing, a mace, several knives and what look like kitchen knives.

According to humanitarian sources in Morocco consulted by ABC, the balance of deaths could exceed estimates initials because several people were seriously injured, also among the security forces. In fact, one of the videos shows how several members of the Moroccan police forces are evacuated by ambulance, helped by their colleagues to walk.

Until now, the images that had been disseminated were on behalf of the main human rights organization in Morocco, whose delegation in Nador documented how dozens of people were piled on the ground by the Moroccan forces after the arrests at the foot of the fence. One of the videos showed people lying motionless next to others who winced.

From the Alaouite kingdom, Algeria is blamed for not stopping the arrival of migrants and they assure that it obeys an orchestrated strategy and an organized plan.

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