Saturday, February 24

The video where they destroy the Steam Deck to test its durability is what will make you cry today

Valve’s console is the most precious of all consoles, even above PS5 and Xbox Series X. The reason? That is not only difficult to buy, but also requires months and months of waiting. Today JerryRigEverything is in charge of destroying it.

Here we have already talked about how great and fun the Steam Deck is, with almost infinite possibilities thanks to its computer aspect but with a portable console body. In our analysis we go into depth with her, in case you want to read it.

Its powerful performance, its enormous customization, the quality of the sticks and the ergonomics are its strengths. But will it also be resistant to scratches, shocks and fire? YouTube expert JerryRigEverything has put Gabe Newell’s console to the test, much to our pain.

Below these lines you can see how the console goes through all the tests. From very fine screwdrivers, to a large cutter, through a lighter and by their own hands who try to split the consoles in half. And here our analysis of the Playdate.

The model he has chosen for the test is the 512 GB Steam Deck with the improved screen, which has the included protection layer and the matte effect that diffuses direct light. For Valve, this is the best version of the console, although experts believe that this model lacks shine.

JerryRigEverything does everything for you. Start by scraping the screen with finer and finer screwdrivers, to see when the protective layer begins to falter. In this case, the result is not very positive, since it is easy to scratch the panel without much effort.

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He then moves on to a very sharp box cutter with which he cuts through all the parts of the Steam Deck. The buttons, the touch pad, the back, the sticks… and what we get clear is that you have to do a lot of force to generate cuts and damage to the consoles. The plastic is hard and resistant.

After this it was the turn of the fire. With a JerryRigEverything lighter, it took 12 seconds of burning the screen for it to start to falter. Once it shows signs of fatigue, the burned area is turned off to recover gradually.

That is, the panel is not even damaged, but only turns off in the areas where the heat has caused it to fail.. Once the screen cools down it works normally again.

Steam Deck has competition with a much more powerful chip, this is Ayaneo 2, the Windows 11 portable console

Steam Deck has competition with a much more powerful chip, this is Ayaneo 2, the Windows 11 portable console

Finally he tries to split the console with his hands. Pushing in, out, bending her… but he doesn’t get anything. The console creaks, but it doesn’t break and it still works fine.

In this way, and after suffering for 9 long minutes, the conclusion we draw is that the Steam Deck is very well made, it only fails in the protection against scratches. For everything else, it is a bomb-proof console.

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